First Day of School

First Day of School

Sort of.

She was so very excited to show off her coloring (in the lines!) skills. She even added a bruised spot to her apple.

I had coloring pages waiting for all the kids at their places this morning. I had had visions of new boxes of school supplies but I didn’t have time to go to the store. No one missed them but me. I’m working on letting go of my perfectionist vision.

So school began. Bella spent maybe ten minutes coloring a picture A is for Apple. While she ate her breakfast. In her pjs. Dom asked if maybe she shouldn’t get dressed first. I thought that might kill some of the fun. I don’t want to become the clothing cop.

Anway, this is just the beginning. We’re going to be doing lots of A activities this week. Maybe. If I can think of some.

Then after breakfast since this is Labor Day and Dom is off from work we went to the park for a nature walk. Well, she did pick up a mushroom that we want to identify. And we opened green milkweed pods to examine the seeds inside. And talked about water lilies. That’s all nature studyish, right?

We also threw sticks into the pond, climbed rocks, and enjoyed a beautiful day at the end of summer.

Yeah, I’m not sweating kindergarten very much and neither is Bella.

I wish I knew what this bush was. They were all over the place with these little black berries.

Bella’s collection: pine cone, red leaves, red-cap mushroom

Anthony slept in the Ergo for the first part of the walk Then woke up in a great mood. He played with Dom while I held Ben’s hand so he didn’t slide as he wandered up and down the banks near the pond.

Happy, Happy Anthony.


Now Dom has taken the girls to an impromptu last pool party of the season at my brother-in-law’s house. Not a bad way to begin the school year.


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