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Bella’s World

Person with a Purse A sort of quick takes with observations about some of Bella’s current interests. Illustrated by some of her recent paintings. Daddy’s hotel in Madrid. That black shape in the green square is Daddy in his window. 1. Bella and I finished reading Little House in the Big Woods last week. We […]

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He’s Home!

Dom finds some relief from the intense Spanish heat. (Photo credit: George Martell/The Pilot Media Group) May not be reproduced without permission. All rights reserved. …. and all is once more right with the world. Dom’s iPad allowed him to edit photo captions and write blog posts in the field. (Photo credit: George Martell/The Pilot […]

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Happy Half-Birthday, Anthony!

I can’t believe it’s been six months already! Then again, when I look at Anthony, it’s hard to believe he’s only a six month-old. He is not a small child. It’s amazing how already we can’t imagine life without our darling little Ni-Ni, as Ben calls him. Yesterday I gave Anthony his first real bath […]

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Singing School

This afternoon as Sophie and I were engaged in yet another pitched battle—actually as she was taking a bit of a break from the long struggle to exert control over me—Bella decided to relieve the tension by singing to me. She began with a question and I needing a stress relief too sang an answer […]

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Highlights from today

No photos from my camera today so here’s Dom’s view from his hotel room in Madrid. Woke up at 6 with wide awake two-year old. He was happy as a clam, nice contrast to his 3 am scream fest when he got mad because… um, well because he’s two. Though I’d only slept a couple […]

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7 Quick Takes

1. Bella successfully camped out in the backyard last night all by herself. We were shocked that she actually slept in the tent alone all night. I’d fully expected her to either balk at bedtime, come in after an hour, or wake up disoriented in the middle of the night. But she thoroughly enjoyed her […]

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Vacation Week

Dom’s on vacation this week. What a treat! On Tuesday we went to the Butterfly Place. My butterfly-crazy Bella loved it. (And so did I.) I think she could have stayed all day. Unfortunately we timed things poorly and Sophie and Ben were a little tired, sick and hungry so there were a few issues. […]

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The Mother Hen

Oh! What a worrit! All these chicks to cherish and protect— can’t shut an eye even for a moment! That one strays too far, those two big ones quarrel, and this tiny one isn’t strong. I should like to keep them always under my wings, but they must learn how to live. That dreadful cat! […]

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