How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

With Anthony arriving in February we haven’t got much of a garden going this year. A few tomato plants we bought at the farmer’s market that are languishing. A little oregano. The mint has completely taken over one bed. Oops. Anyway, one of the few things we did this spring was to scatter a couple of packets of mixed flower seeds in the bed where we grew the sunflowers last year. And then I lost the packets so I don’t actually remember what the various flowers in the mixes are.

So I thought I could continue to crowd source the identification. Anyone know what any of these are?

We are totally loving seeing new flowers open up every few days.


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  • There once was a person thought to be too stupid to be a priest but the Discalced Carmelites let him work in the kitchen.  Brouther Lawrence of the Resurrection taught us to pray constantly in the beautifually simple grace of God.  It has been recorded int Practice of the Presence of God printed by ICS Publications.

  • I had the same reaction as your husband when I saw the picture at the top.  Perhaps even aghast.

    Buth I think the opening of the Hours is the perfect prayer for these ‘pray before…’ times.  Isn’t that what Benedictines pray before they start work?

  • Thought provoking quote for someone who finds grace before meals a discomfiting reminder of the state of the rest of her prayer life. I even felt like reposting it on Facebook but it might sound like I’m telling the world, I mean my 66 Facebook friends, “*I* bless the Lord at all times; you, I assume, do not.”

  • I love the Sharpie on the computer! I used to cover my desk/the wall with post-it notes with various verses or intentions. But the post-it notes are gone, so maybe Sharpie it is!

  • This is a lovely suggestion.  Or reminder.  Or inspiration.  Or idea I have never considered, embarrassingly.  I am really terrible about praying outside of “regular” prayer time.  Although if I did it, it would become regular.  Sigh.  Someday I’ll get there…