In Today’s Mail

In Today’s Mail

Weightless: Making Peace With Your Body by the lovely, talented Kate Wicker, who I am honored to know as a dear friend.

From the introduction: “Weightless is not only for women like me who have faced an eating disorder but for any woman who is trying to spackle God-shaped holes with thinness, physical beauty, youth, or food.”

Even though I’m currently reading about half a dozen books, I dove right in as soon as I’d opened the box. Is there anything better than a new book? Oh yes, reading new words from a dear friend.

Isn’t that cover just delicious? I’m in love with it. Even more though is the book itself. I’ve known Kate online through her blog and in email conversations and I was granted the great joy of meeting her in person in April when she came to Massachusetts for Mom’s Day Away. Kate’s friendship has been a great blessing in my life. I think her words here will bless many, many women.

I’ve never had an eating disorder and I think I’ve generally got a pretty healthy body image. But I do have scars from my own battles with body image. i suspect that we are none of us unscathed in our womanhood. All of us bear these wounds. Kate shows us where to find the balm we need to heal those wounds.

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  • That’s awesome, Melanie! He’s cute and smart! smile My little guy, now 18 months, is my first baby that I signed with. It’s been wonderful and I’m sorry that I didn’t discover it sooner. I been amazed at what he has picked up and how it has opened up communication so much earlier.

  • Kelly, I love the idea of signing with kids because it does open up communications. But I’ve never managed to teach any of my kids more than three or four signs because I’ve just never had the time to learn them myself despite my best intentions. Wish I’d studied up on it back before I had children.

  • Wonderful! I keep thinking we have to learn/teach baby sign language with our little guy (also a fourth, but older than Anthony, I think—9 months.) He has begun to speak, and clearly recognizes more words than he can say, so if signing would make it easier for him to tell us what’s on his mind, he’d love it and we’d love it. This post is extra inspiration.

    And yes, things can be just as thrilling or more so with the fourth! They never get old. I now completely understand women in their mid-forties who offer heartfelt prayers for an eighth or ninth baby!