Houghton’s Pond

Houghton’s Pond

This blog has really become a photo blog of late. Not what I ever intended—when I first started blogging I didn’t even know how to upload photos!—but I find that photo essays are about what my attention span and my busy life allow these days. I have so many ideas for longer blog posts, but never seem to be able to whip them into shape.

Well, anyway it’s summer and we spent the morning at the pond with my friend, Meghan, and her son, William. Bella and Sophie could hardly be dragged from the water and even Ben got into it for a while.

After Meghan left, we went to the playground for a while and then time got away from me. When I realized it was 1:30 already, I packed the kids into the car and we came home where everyone but Bella took solid naps. Even Sophie, who has pretty much given up on her nap at this point, asked me to put her down for a nap. It was rather sweet.

This is what I think summer should be. I promised myself that this year I wouldn’t let having a newborn keep me from getting out, taking the kids places. I know what I tend to be like in the postpartum months but I also know how much I’d regret it if I let the summer slip through my fingers. Realistically, we can only do an outing once a week or so. Maybe not even that. But I want to do as much as I can.

Let the house get messy and let us eat simple meals. Sandwiches, eggs, soup for dinner. Let the kids go to bed a bit later because dinner is later. Bella will only be five once. Sophie will only be three once. Ben will only be two once. Anthony will only be a chubby baby once. I don’t want to miss out on all the fun while trying to keep up with a perfect house or other unattainable ideals.

Just look at those faces. My sweet children. Enjoying a day that can never be repeated. This is priceless.

Don’t let the idyllic pictures fool you. Having four kids isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s downright hard. I lose my temper too often. Daily. I yell. I am not the gentle, peaceful mom I’d like to be. And yet I feel such joy. I may feel turmoil in the moments. There are daily storms. But in between, most of the time, there are just four young people that I feel so privileged to know, to love, to serve and to spend time with. Cuddling and wrestling with them and reading to them. And listening to their stories and singing with them and being delighted by their delight in this beautiful world. It is a beautiful world and I do love them and really that is why I blog here. To remember. To delight. To capture the moments that fly past all too fast.


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