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This morning before Mass Bella was flipping through The Water Hole by Graeme Base and telling me a story. I was quite impressed by the yarn she was spinning. A story about a mother frog and her babies (called Shark and Lobster and Fish) and how all the other animals were helping them to get […]

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Please Pray

Urgent prayers please for my mother-in-law, Virginia. The ER doctor lied last night, said he’d called her doctor when he hadn’t, and sent her home instead of admitting her. Now she’s back in hospital this morning with major infection. Very scary stuff.

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Isabella’s Baptism Day

Today is the fifth anniversary of Bella’s baptism. We aren’t doing anything elaborate or fancy but last night before I went to bed I unpacked her baptism candle and put it in a candlestick on the dining table. This morning she found a little letter B from her alphabet puzzle and declared that “B is […]

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Pondering A Mother’s Rule of Life

Today I saw someone recommend the book A Mother’s Rule of Life in a comment thread on Abigail’s excellent post about the problem with advice and the need for the life of grace. I sort of cringe whenever I see someone breathlessly recommending A Mother’s Rule of Life to a struggling mother. Although, the book […]

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Play as Lectio Divina

I’ve been thinking more about Bella playing with the modelling clay and her retelling of the Easter story. It really gets to the heart of what the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is about. I tend to get so caught up in the details and the externals that I often forget the heart of the […]

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Reading Notes: Scattered

Scattered:  How Attention Deficit Disorder Originates And What You Can Do About It by Gabor Mate M.D. If we choose not to see ADD as a medical disorder or illness, the question of causation is turned around and examined from the opposite angle. Recognizing that time-sense, self-regulation, and self-motivation are nature driven and necessary developmental […]

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The Art of Gentle Correction

This morning in his homily Father told a story of visiting a friend, a mother of four. She told him about a little guest she’d had earlier that day, a boy who kept saying, “Oh my God!” Finally she pulled him aside asked him if he knew that when he said that God was listening […]

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Prayer Is at the Root

More excellent thoughts fromPope Benedict on the family and catechizing children: . . . the family and the Church – in practice, parishes and other forms of Ecclesial Community – are called to collaborate more closely in the fundamental task that consists, inseparably, in the formation of the person and the transmission of the faith. […]

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Modelling Clay

Last week I made some impulse buys in the art supplies aisle at Target. Among other things I bought some paints and some modelling clay. Yesterday Bella was desperate to get into the modelling clay, even though she didn’t really know what it was or how to use it. (My poor deprived children!) So we […]

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