{pretty, happy, funny, real} The Napping House

{pretty, happy, funny, real} The Napping House

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


I wasn’t going to participate this week; but then I snapped this photo this afternoon.


The beautiful faces of my eldest and youngest both sleeping in my lap. Aren’t they lovely? I could stare at them for hours.


When they are sound asleep like this all my anxieties melt away. My fears about not being able to satisfy all their needs. At this moment all they need is a safe harbor, a place to sleep, the security of a mother’s lap. I can do that. No juggling, no mad dashes, no scrambling. Just being a place where they can rest.


What happened was we came home from our weekly expedition to the grocery store (It takes two hours door to door and the store is less than ten minutes away. This is not a quick process.) Ben had fallen asleep in the car and I tucked him into his bed for a nap. Then I settled in to nurse Anthony and Sophie brought me the Madeline book.

I made it to the end of The Bad Hat. Only just. Then I passed out. I was only sort of aware of Bella making herself a nest on the footrest between my legs. It didn’t wake me up.

When I did wake both Anthony and Bella were sound asleep, there was a line of drool down my cheek.  Of course I grabbed my camera and snapped a shot.


I was trapped there until they woke up. Fortunately my sister took pity on me and brought me a big glass of ice water and a bowl of hot soup. Then she took Sophie to Target with her.

Anthony woke up first and I resettled him. By the time Bella woke up my leg was falling asleep and developing a cramp. Fortunately she dashed off to the bathroom and then I was able to put Anthony down to continue his nap on the floor. Sweet sleepy baby.

I could have been fretful about being trapped. Fortunately, I was able to feel gratitude and contentment instead. A gift.

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  • My 2-year-old will lie down on the ground after I have chased her and say “Tickle me!” Otherwise, my kids don’t usually ask for it.

  • My mother-in-law thinks tickling is a form of torture, but my kids, especially my youngest two, LOVE it when I tickle them.

    I stop to give them a break, and they shriek, “MORE!”

    My parents bought them the book Tickle Monster complete with tickling mitts. It’s a book that always results in lots of tickling and giggles!