Prayers Requested

Prayers Requested

Y’all, can you say some prayers for Calah and her family? During their cross-country move her husband got walking pneumonia and Calah and baby Liam both got bronchitis. I think they could use some love and prayer support right now. Thanks.

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  • After trying overalls when Peter Potamus was really little and deciding they were silly (the straps were always up around his ears), I’ve rediscovered them, thanks to a few pairs of Osh Kosh overalls in my local thrift store.  And now I love them again.

    I love that last picture of Anthony and Dom.  Too sweet.

  • Kathy, I agree that overalls are ridiculous on a newborn. I wouldn’t have chosen these either; but they were in a bag of hand-me-downs and I couldn’t quite get rid of them. I adore overalls. Even so, they’ve been sitting in the bin until I spied them as I was getting Anthony dressed for church and thought, Why not for just the hour we’re there? And then they fit really well and were so cute! I took them off at bedtime but put them back on this morning.

  • Thank you, Helene. Yes. I made that quilt for my bed before I was married. It’s a bit small for our queen size; but I can’t bear not to have it on the bed. Most of the blocks are a sort of free-form variation on a log cabin block. Three of them are just free- pieced patchwork from scraps.

    You can see the whole thing here.