Nature Comes Calling

deer in the yard

This morning as I was cooking breakfast I asked Bella to open the front windows so we could catch a cross breeze for a while before the day got too hot. As she was pushing up the pane, she exclaimed: “There’s a deer in the yard!” For a second I thought she was playing. Then I realized it’s not really the kind of thing she pretends. So I ran in and sure enough there was a deer nibbling at our peach tree. I grabbed my camera and got off a few shots before the deer startled and ran across the street. It paused for a moment in the neighbor’s yard and then disappeared behind the house across the street, which backs up on a dead-end roads that has a connection to the nearby woods.

deer in the yard

Totally unexpected. We’ve never seen deer round here. It made the kids’ day. I don’t know if they’ve ever seen wild deer before.

2 Responses to Nature Comes Calling

  1. Kathryn May 28, 2011 at 8:17 am #

    It looks a lovely trip out, even if it did have to be cut short. Your poor ankle – I hope it is feeling a bit better today.

  2. Melanie Bettinelli May 30, 2011 at 8:27 am #

    Thanks, Kathryn, It was a lovely trip. Fortunately the ankle hasn’t really hurt much. Just been swollen and stiff. I’m taking it easy because it’s the ankle I sprained during my semester abroad in college which took forever to heal because I couldn’t keep off of it. (Not that I’m very good at keeping off it now. What mom of four can keep her feet up all day?)

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