Praying on Thursdays

Praying on Thursdays

After Ben was born I wrote about the birth experience, focusing on how the prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours were a main prop for me during that trial. In my mind one particular verse has become associated with Ben’s birth: “My heart is ready, O God. My heart is ready.” from Psalm 57, which is the first psalm for morning prayer on Thursday of Week One of the four week cycle. Because of the cyclical nature of the Liturgy of the Hours, you read this psalm every four weeks. And every time it comes up, I think of Ben’s birth and Oh yeah, he was born on a Thursday.

I love that about praying the Liturgy of the Hours. I love how it weaves itself into the fabric of my life, how it becomes a part of me and who I am. These words are living words, they live in my life and they draw me ever closer to the source of all life.

Also, this morning as I was making breakfast I heard Bella singing in the other room. One of her made-up songs. I didn’t hear all of the words but I did hear one phrase: “Lord, open my lips and my mouth will proclaim your praise.” She may not sit and pray with me anymore like Sophie does; but the words are there on her lips, in her heart.

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  • Yesterday I saw a bird outside on a cherry tree pulling off the flower petals one at a time and dropping them as though she was pondering whether or not another bird loved her.

    The way her big sisters beg to kiss Teresa.

    Snuggling with my 1 week old angel each night.

  • Listening to my Melanie say new words almost every day.  Seeing my eldest get his senior photos taken yesterday (so handsome!), and buying lots of pansies I look forward to planting over the weekend.