7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes


1. On Tuesday morning Bella is Princess Elizabeth, Sophie is Holy Mary, and according to the girls Ben—with a string of golden Mardi Gras beads around his neck—is Dr Tinmal. (On Wednesday Bella corrected me and said it’s Dr Chinmel.)


Bella as Princess Elizabeth


Sophie as Holy Mary

4. On Wednesday morning the kitchen utensils are musical instruments. A silicone ice cube tray is a piano. A lid is a drum. Two metal funnels, one inside the other, are a bell. The children are playing and singing at the top of their lungs.

Bella has a song list she’s updating as she sings. (Think pushing buttons on a virtual iTunes in the air.) Right now her current song is one she’s made up, inspired by Bible stories: “Moses struck the rock and water came out…. Gideon’s trumpets make music joyful music for the Lord…. Moses and Aaron lead the Israelites to the promised land, to Canaan…. The angel with the burning sword….”
When my dad comes they work their way through the Bible story book. Obviously it’s sticking.


Ben and his trucks. Note the rag doll in the lower right corner.

6. While Ben does occasionally pick up a doll and carry it around, tuck it in, push it in the stroller or swing, his real deep love is for trucks, trains, tractors and really anything with wheels. At bedtime he likes to move all the trucks from the top of the play kitchen where they often park and put them one by one into his crib. Each truck has to be carefully rolled into place. Then he lays down and plays with them some more. Finally, he allows Dom to put his blankies on. Some nights there are so many trucks in his bed that I’m certain he’ll wake in the night when he rolls on them and so once he’s tucked in I move some back to the top of the refrigerator where he can still reach them if he wants them. Then I hand him a stuffed animal to cuddle. I am so very amused at how hard wired the truck fascination seems to be. Evidently Arwen is noticing the same thing with her son, Blaise.


The train I had to clear off of my bed to go to sleep the other night.

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  • Just as I wrote this morning, I cannot really capture the power of words made flesh. Meeting you was like meeting an old friend. I am blessed, truly, truly blessed to know you and count you as a friend.

  • My does that look refreshing!  It is strange, sitting here in the mid-west, looking at these photos of people I recognize instantly but have never met.  The blogging world sure has changed in the nearly 7 years I have been at it, but one thing that is the same is the community formed is real.  Someday I hope to make it in person, at least with some.  I am so glad you got that experience!

  • Dear beautiful Melanie…seeing you again was like reuniting with my long lost sister. You are such a blessing to me. Let’s pray that God brings us together again soon. Until then I will miss you terribly!

  • Hey Melanie!
    I loved meeting you, Dom and Anthony. Right now I’m putting the babies of F&F on Picasa. Hoping Danielle will make a slideshow for the blog. 
    I’m hoping that all our enthusiastic posts won’t make others jealous or sad that they missed, but rather will get them inspired to arrange for future Mom’s Days around the country.