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Bella on Prayer

This evening Sophie was saying something about poopy stinky butt. (Yes, we’re in that phase.) Bella responded: “Don’t say that. It’s inappropriate. Say a nice word like Jesus instead. Say Jesus Jesus Jesus. Every morning and every night. It’s a prayer. Jesus Jesus Jesus.” *    *    * Tonight an ambulance came for our […]

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7 Not-so-Quick Takes

1. Speak, Lord, your servant is listening. Last night Bella came stumbling out about an hour after going to bed mumbling, “I’m coming…. I’m coming…. I’m coming, Daddy.” It took us a while to figure out what she was saying. “I’m coming….” and finally, “Here I am, Daddy.” So disoriented, so cute. We made the […]

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St Patrick’s Day

To celebrate my mother’s name day and the feast of the patron saint of Ireland and of Boston I thought I’d share some of my favorite versions of the prayer composed by St Patrick himself. I first read all of the prayer variably known as St Patrick’s Breastplate, the Lorica or The Deer’s Cry when […]

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7 Fast Takes

Anthony’s Ashes Being offline was hard. So hard. I was composing blog posts in my head all the time. But also good too, of course. Things weren’t much more quiet round here but I felt a bit more focused. Spent one morning reading to the kids when I might otherwise have been on the computer, […]

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Thank You

My dear friends, I am so completely overwhelmed. Last night I received in the mail a most wonderful gift. I’ve never been very god at thank yous, either in person or in writing. I’m torn between the desire to say something as quickly as possible and to delay and delay and delay while hunting for […]

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Bisy Backson

I’m going to take a week off from blog reading, Facebooking and Twittering so I can sow down and be more mindful as we enter the penitential season of Lent. I will be checking my email once a day to make sure nothing important falls through the cracks. Just so you know.

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Beauty and Liturgy

Catching up on some backlogged blogging while Anthony naps on my mom’ shoulder. These are two pieces I clipped a couple of weeks ago and never got around to posting. First, a piece about the importance of beauty: Spiritual Sustenance: Feed Us with Your Beauty Beauty in the Church is essential. I don’t want God […]

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March Roars

March is roaring, winds howling. But it’s warm enough today that the children went outside in their shirt sleeves after Mass this morning. The snow is disappearing quickly. Going, going… almost gone. Most of the yard has been revealed in its muddy green-brown messyness. The children scamper about like crazy squirrels rediscovering toys and places […]

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Princess Diaries

Sophia has been presiding in her new princess robes all day. (She even napped in her dress!) Evidently she’s Princess Rose. Everyone is deferring to her and my mom is calling her “Your Majesty”. This form of address has cause some confusion, however. “I’m not ‘Your Majesty’” Sophie protests, “I’m Princess Rose.” So we tried […]

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