Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

So many reasons to celebrate. Crocuses are here.

Anthony is one month old!!!!

Granddad (my dad) is coming on Tuesday.

However, a beach day was not in the cards. The tide was super high, waves spraying over the seawall. Moreover, our favorite seafood joint was not yet open for the season.

We celebrated St Joseph’s feast at Bertucci’s instead.

Happy Spring, everyone!!!

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  • Have they recruited Ben to be the groom yet? Cecilia and Felicity used to say they were going to marry daddy. We explained only mommy was married to daddy and then it became that they would marry this baby if it is a boy. The previous pairings often had bossy Cecilia telling Felicity to be the boy. Fortunately Felicity usually refuses … she is far too girly and princess-oriented to succumb to Cecilia on that charge!

  • It wasn’t clear to me if Ben’s participation was as groom or not. Bella usually gets pretty evasive when asked about the father of her children. Last night she told me he works and is away a lot.

  • This is a lovely reflection.  You have inspired me to dig out my wedding photos and put one up in my room.  Ours got packed away after a decade or so (unintentionally), but is no less amazing or relevant after nearly two decades.  Thanks for the push!

  • Thanks, Renee. I never really thought much about hanging our wedding photo. Certainly the placement was not deliberate. When I hung it the changing table was in the kids’ room. But I do like that they look at the picture and think about it.

  • Hi!  I’m a new reader of this blog and I love it!

    About this post, I really really enjoyed this!  I’ve struggled a lot recently with deciding what I am called to do for things like what career to have, where to live, etc.  However, I’ve never felt something so strongly as my desire to be a mother.  I’m getting married in a couple of months and I just can’t wait to share God’s love through the joy of having a family! 

    God Bless!

  • Kendra, welcome! So glad to have you here. I remember that time of the last few month before my wedding as a time of so much joy and anticipation. Really a blessed season. Enjoy it. God bless you as you prepare for your marriage.

  • Weddings are a big play theme for Cherub and her little boy friend too – i heard a wedding going on again yesterday. We have no wedding photos up, Little Friend N’s parents are divorced, and so far as I know neither of them has ever been to a wedding, but clearly weddings are still a big deal to them both. Their school is planning a pretend wedding to celebrate the Royal Wedding in April, complete with outdoor reception (picnic). I can see that being very popular.