St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day

To celebrate my mother’s name day and the feast of the patron saint of Ireland and of Boston I thought I’d share some of my favorite versions of the prayer composed by St Patrick himself.

I first read all of the prayer variably known as St Patrick’s Breastplate, the Lorica or The Deer’s Cry when I took a class on the history of Ireland as an undergraduate at the University of Dallas (Ah Dr Sommerfeldt, such a wonderful teacher!) It’s a beautiful poem, a powerful prayer. One of my favorites. I love how different versions emphasize different aspects of the prayer. I can’t choose just one so here are a bunch of videos I found today.

Via Pat Gohn this spoken version, done as a sort of vocal collage (I’m sure there’s a name for that but I don’t know what it is):

Via the philosopher mom (be sure to say some prayers for her as she’s struggling with postpartum depression and serious back issues) this sung version that is really quite captivating. The kids loved it. Easy to learn the chorus of this one and sing along:



I include this abbreviated version because it has the Gaelic after the English:



This dramatic recitation version is the audiobook of “How the Irish Saved Civilization” it rather reminds me of some of the poetry in the audiobook version of The Lord of the Rings. I wish I knew who the reader is:



Plainchant version from Brother Alphonsus Mary. Lovely:



Another sung version:



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  • Oh he is too adorable! Cyber-high-five on the Target diapers, by the way.

    The weather is getting nice here, too. Sienna was just looking at the pictures of the kids eating outside and asked if she could come play at your house. I wish, kiddo!

  • So cute!

    We opted out of corn beef and cabbage, too. Instead we had beans on toast and bacon. For St. Joseph’s Day we’re doing lasagna, from a recipe in Lidia’s Family Table, but without the homemade pasta.

  • Calah, I only do non-Target diapers on Ben at night. Huggies overnights are absolutely wonderful if they start to soak through regular diapers.

    I wish she could come over to play too. I bet our kids would get along wonderfully.

    Lydia, I’d love to do lasagna but
    1. Dom’s diabetes mean we’re trying to go light on carbs and
    2. Dom and I have severe disagreements on the subject of lasagna. Both of us think the other’s family does it wrong. The one downside of marrying a Sicilian as far as I can tell.

  • Oh that first chubby baby pix is delicious.  It by far makes up for any flat stew!  My kids have been eating outsode too, squishy ground and all.

  • That baby boy is so cute!  I am getting a kick out of seeing and reading about Ben’s reactions to his little brother.  I think you had said you were a little apprehensive about how he would adjust, but he seems to be adjusting very well.

    For the Feast of St. Joseph (my longtime favorite saint), I will be wishing I were living back home in NY, where I would go to my local Italian bakery and buy sfingi and zeppole.

    My parish is having a Mass for the solemnity of St. Joseph, so I’ll be going to that in the morning.

  • “Both of us think the other’s family does it wrong.”

    My family comes from Sicily. Yours does not. My family’s lasagna is the right one. smile

  • Betty,

    Yes, yes they are. Of course when a baby starts off at 9 pounds the fat comes pretty quickly. Anthony had fairly meaty legs when he was born. Unlike my other kids who were all pretty scrawny. I can’t wait till they get nice and chunky.

  • Bring on the baby photos. I love seeing the big siblings interact with the tiniest ones.

    You should have seen the sausages on my Madeline. She could be wearing all pink and people would ask if HE was going to be a future linebacker!  grin