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to Katherine of Having Left the Altar who is now a happy Mommy to FOUR girls! Teresa Marie was born at 4:50 this morning. 8 lbs. 5 oz., 20 3/4 in. Many prayers of thanksgiving! I am so tickled because Katherine, who has been a regular commenter on my blog almost since the beginning, has […]

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Tonight Bella scored a major victory on the self regulation front. She was waiting for her second quesadilla to cool off (she gets those because she’s the only one who really doesn’t like enchiladas, which was tonight’s dinner) and so, of course, wasn’t at the table. She can hardly stay at the table when she […]

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“Hallowed Be”

I’m guest posting today at Conversion Diary where Jennifer has been blogging on the Our Father word by word. My entry in the series is a meditation on the word “hallowed”. Come by and say hi and tell me what “hallowed” means to you.

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7 Quick Takes: Photo Friday

1. Tonight Bella announced: “Our house is so beautiful!” Me, a bit taken aback: “Oh, what do you like?” “Well… the gold frames on these pictures…. And all the blue and red, like the blue couch and your chair. The red blanket and lots of red books…. On the outside of the house the blue […]

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Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Made these last night for dinner. Super yummy!!! I should be posting this to our poor neglected cooking blog. But I can’t remember how. It’s been that long since I posted anything there. So I’ll write this up here and get Dom to remind me how to repost it over there later. Olive oil 1 […]

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March Is Sill Roaring

Yesterday Sophie got her first haircut. It wasn’t really planned. I was just going to take Bella so the two of us could get much needed trims.But Sophie really wanted to come. She even volunteered to go first. She sat and the stood so still, so calm. I think the stylist was surprised. Bella was […]

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Playing Wedding

The girls are playing wedding again. All three children are processing around the house singing alleluia and kneeling at random spots. Dancing in the kitchen. “I’m dancing. With daddy. With my husband.” Blessed be the Lord. Bella sings, Blessed be our king. Alleluia. Alleluia. “Is this because Tree went to a wedding this weekend?” Dom […]

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Welcome Spring

So many reasons to celebrate. Crocuses are here. Anthony is one month old!!!! Granddad (my dad) is coming on Tuesday. However, a beach day was not in the cards. The tide was super high, waves spraying over the seawall. Moreover, our favorite seafood joint was not yet open for the season. We celebrated St Joseph’s […]

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