Meet Anthony Ignatius!!!

Meet Anthony Ignatius!!!

Anthony ignatius

He surprised us last night, arriving at about 11:30.

A big boy: 9 pounds 2 ounces, 22 inches. And needless to say I am madly in love with this handsome young fellow.

Anthony and me

Blessed be the Lord our God, blessed from age to age.

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  • Your children are all so beautiful. 

    I never thought about how having children close in age would make it easier to transition back into newborn mode.  I felt like a newbie mom every time but that could be because mine are all quite far apart in age. Enjoy those babies!

  • This is such a beautiful post, and the pictures are all so gorgeous -just bursting with the joy of family life and new life. I was praying Sunday night when I heard you went in, and I was thinking how nice it was you didn’t have to wait those last days. Reading about how all the details worked out, I’m just so happy for you all. I just love the line “I faced each challenge, recognized it, named it, offered it in prayer.” Many of us would do well to incorporate that wisdom and attitude as we move through the challenges of each day. God bless you all. Enjoy this most special, treasured time.

  • Melanie, the wonderful thing about big families (you qualify now) is that older children model behavior for younger ones.  So if the girls are welcoming Anthony, then Ben sees that and it helps tremendously.  I was talking to a friend whose daughter (4) is just starting to behave in church.  It doesn’t help with #2, but by the time he is where she is now, it will help with younger children if they are blessed with them.  You are in for a treat with #4!  Welcome Anthony!

  • Loved reading this update, Melanie!!  It sounds like all of you are resting in God’s hand and enjoying that precious little one.  I’m so happy the transition is going well so far for you.

  • I loved reading this, Melanie, and I loved seeing photos of your beautiful family. One of the most memorable moments for me after having a baby is always introducing the older children to their new sibling. There’s always such tenderness.

    I’m so happy things are going well for you. Praying for a speedy recovery and that things continue to go smoothly for your family.

    God bless you all.

  • Congratulations Melanie.  Your family is beautiful.  I love seeing pictures of older siblings meeting younger ones, and I’m so glad that there seems to a kind of peace in a challenging (but sweetly so) time.

  • Congratulations!  Anthony is just a cutie pie and I love the expressions on the kids’ faces as they are greeting him.  I am curious as to how you ended up at SShore Hospital, though, as I remember you writing about your positive experience at Caritas Norwood with Ben.

  • Thanks everyone!

    I hadn’t thought of it that way; but I do think it is probably easier when they’re closer together. It feels very familiar.

    re “Many of us would do well to incorporate that wisdom and attitude as we move through the challenges of each day. “

    Me too. I find it much, much easier to be mindful like that in a “crisis” situation. The challenge is to live out that lesson in my daily life. So much harder to face the minor crises of daily living with the same prayerful calm.

    scotch meg,

    So true about modeling behavior. After reading you comment I looked again at that second to last photo and noticed Ben’s expression as he looks up to watch Bella looking at Anthony.He’s definitely looking to follow her example.

    We liked Norwood; but it’s half an hour away, which is a lot to do back and forth w 3 kids. SSH on the other hand is just five minutes from the house. My former OB wasn’t doing c-sections anymore, so I had to change docs anyway. And my sister had a wonderful experience at SSH when she had her appendix out. We decided it would just be much easier logistically to deliver here. So far it’s been a great experience here. I don’t regret the switch.

  • So beautiful! I love pictures of newborns with their eyes open. What a surprise it all must be… like us in heaven some day. I hope you can come home tomorrow! Many, many blessings on your beautiful family.

  • He’s beautiful, and what gorgeous children you have! Philomena caught a glimpse of one of the pictures and got very excited. She asked who everyone was, how old was Anthony, what kind of a baby was he, you name it. The Bettinellis have a fan smile

  • What beautiful children—what cheeks, what eyes—their hearts shining right out of them!

    Yes, I noticed that baby #4 was when it got easy. I hope it carries through his infancy for you too.

  • Everyone’s so beautiful!  I love the kids with Anthony.  Congratulations on the newest addition to your sweet family.  We’re so glad everything went well—I was thinking about you all last night.

  • Congratulations on your sweet new son. I’m so glad you had a good birth experience, and the sibling pictures are awesome—look how big Ben looks! You have a beautiful family.

  • Having a compassionate surgeon is such a blessing! And that is excellent news indeed about your scar tissue, it’s a genuine concern with repeated cesereans; I’m so glad she took the time to assure you directly, how thoughtful.

    And just look at your beautiful family! What a blessing, hmm? grin

  • Melanie, what wonderful words from your surgeon! How wonderful that she told you… maybe the unexpected timing was all worth it just to hear that. Wow. Thanks for sharing your good news, that boy is gorgeous!!

  • When I attended your wedding it was obvious that you married a great guy and his close family.  Little did we know what a wonderful family would develop.  You and Dom set the standard for the ideal with happy cute kids and a perfect little addition.

  • The pics are so sweet!  Little Anthony is blessed with precious siblings…and a mother like you!!!  God’s blessings!

  • CONGRATS!!!  He is so gorgeous!  One great thing about C-Sections is how perfectly the babies come out…no squished heads or bumps or bruises.

    I can’t wait to meet him in April!  And I am so excited you have a body that is just dealing with all these surgeries wonderfully – yay for more babies!