J’irai la voir un jour

Bella pronounced this her favorite song today. I think it is very sweet. One of the dearest hymns to Mary I’ve seen.

These are the lyrics:

J�irai la voir un jour!
Au ciel dans ma patrie
Oui j�irai voir Marie

Ma joie et mons amour


Au ciel, au ciel, au ciel!
J�irai la voir un jour.
Au ciel, au ciel, au ciel!
J�irai la voir un jour.

J�irai la voir un jour
O, cri plein d�esperance
Qui calme ma sufferance
Au terrestre sejour

J�irai la voir un jour
J�irae m�unir aux anges
Pour chanter ses louanges
Au ciel, avec sa cour

J�irai la vour un jour
J�irai loin de la terre
Sur le coeur de ma Mere
Reposer sans retour

In English:

I will go to see her one day
In heaven, my homeland
Yes, I will go to see Mary
My joy and my love


To Heaven! To Heaven! To Heaven!
I will go to see her one day.
To Heaven! To Heaven! To Heaven!
I will go to see her one day.

I will go to see her one day
O, cry full of hope
That calms my suffering
On this earthly sojourn

I will go to see her one day
I�ll join the angels in singing her praises
With her celestial court

I will go to see her one day
I�ll go far from the earth
On the heart of my Mother
To rest without return

Once again I have to thank Charlotte for introducing me to L’Angelus.

6 Responses to J’irai la voir un jour

  1. Calah January 18, 2011 at 1:48 am #

    Ah Melanie, I’m so sorry you have to go through another C-section. We will be praying for you, that the pain is not so much and also that you are able to handle the restriction and suffering with a good spirit.

    Handling suffering with grace is not something I am good at. It’s one thing if there’s a goal in mind, like labor, but when I was plagued with migraines during my third trimester I handled it with anything but grace. Quite frankly I didn’t pay on iota of attention to the way I treated my family until I managed to get the migraine to stop. It’s shameful now to look back on, and I hope I’m able to handle pain with greater grace in the future.

    Thanks for this post.

  2. Jennifer Gregory Miller January 18, 2011 at 4:52 am #

    Reading with empathy, as I have to do c/s also, and I’m a very slow healer. Coupled with getting mastitis so easily, I have to take it easy.

    When in healing mode, it’s hard. But even harder within our little family, as the little ones don’t understand completely. The comforting thought was “this too shall pass” and I kept thinking throughout that at least my prego problems or c/s recovery was not a chronic, permanent thing. This helped me keep it in perspective.

  3. Emily J. January 18, 2011 at 5:55 am #

    What a great line: “This is what love calls us to: to reach outside of ourselves, beyond our own interests and our own pains, in order to succor another � no matter what kind of shape we�re in, no matter if our world has been upended.”  That’s sometimes hard to do even when not in physical pain. Prayers for the grace to do so.

  4. Kathleen O'Brien January 19, 2011 at 11:56 am #

      I have over the past year or so become more familiar with every-day physical pain. After my seventh baby was born last year I had a very hard time recovering from the pregnancy. Over the summer I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with spinal arthritis. I will be forty three tomorrow and some days I feel much , much older. I am not in pain most days but I do have painful flair-ups. When I don’t feel well it is very hard to be patient with my children. I do try, but every little jump, bounce or sweet hug from the children causes more pain on bad days. Thankfully, I feel pretty good most of the time right now. I would also like to thank You, Melanie for writing about pain and the fear that goes along with it. I don’t complain much, but on the few occasions I have mentioned my discomfort to my homeschooling mom friends they told me I should be grateful I don’t have more serious medical problems. Of course, I am grateful.  Please be assured of my prayers for You as your c-section approaches…God bless You.

  5. Celeste January 20, 2011 at 4:59 am #

    I haven’t had a c-section and don’t know the pain that comes with that, but I find recovery from birth to be much more difficult than the birth itself.  I have had uncomplicated births and relatively quick recoveries, I think, but I have the tendency to overdo it afterward because I’m “feeling great” and then to have my recovery prolonged.  My husband knows this about me and forces me to “just sit down,” and I try to take his advice.  But it is so difficult not to take care of my house, my chores, my husband, and (most of all) my little ones.  Being in a messy house with children who aren’t on a steady routine makes me (lover of quiet, hater of visual clutter) feel a little insane and a lot cranky.  Those recovery times are one of the few sure ways I learn humility, learn to let go of my perfectionist tendencies.  Growing pains, for sure.

    Prayers for you as you near your baby’s blessed arrival.


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