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Book Notes: Christmas Picture Books

Today I finally put away the Nativity scene and the Christmas books and took down the Christmas cards from the wall. I also did some major decluttering of various shelves and the front closet. This list of Christmas books is super late for Christmas, of course; but before I put the Christmas books away for […]

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Snow Play

Bella in the snow According to yesterday’s paper since the first snowfall of the season on Dec 21 Boston as had about 62 inches of snow all told. Comparing their total snow falls for each of the storms that has passed through with the snow we collected in the same storms, I estimate we’ve received […]

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An Hour

This morning at Mass Father announced that there would be a holy hour for life between three and four. I did my automatic mental schedule check and determined surprisingly this was something I might be able to do. Ben and Sophie have been napping until 4 most days this last week. I wouldn’t be leaving […]

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Dreaming of Home

I woke up in the middle of the night from a vivid dream that stuck with me more throughout the day than the dream I was having when I woke this morning. And this dream had a strong resonance with Father’s homily this morning at Mass. So I thought it was worth recording so that […]

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