St Nicholas Day

St Nicholas Day

I was too tired last night to upload these photos. Good thing I went to bed early too; Ben had a nasty middle of the night scream fest.

So without further ado, here are the highlights of yesterday morning.

Shoes with chocolate gold coins and holy cards. St Nicholas book waiting for the children to find them in the morning.

Bella counts her coins. She’s very excited that she’s recently learned how to count to ten.

Ben enjoys his chocolate.

The girls unwrap their book.

In the spirit of the Slow Advent Movement, I’d like to point out that Calah deserves special props for pulling off an amazing St Nicholas celebration for her girls that was even more last minute and more impressive than mine:

. . . the Ogre took the girls, with their coins and cookies, to our local Trader Joe’s. We have made quite a few friends at this store and try to bring them cookies and baked goods when we can, and Sienna wanted to share their St. Nicholas gifts with the people who work there. The Ogre said she had a great time giving everyone coins and cookies and explaining that since it was St. Nicholas’ feast day, she was giving gifts like he does.

So sweet. Be sure to read the whole thing.

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