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Book Notes

For some reason I haven’t been able to pull together anything coherent on anything I’ve read in the past few months. I’ve been meaning to write about them and meaning to write about them and I’m realizing I’m just not going to get around to full-fledged blog posts about them; but I wanted to mention […]

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St Anthony and the Snowy Day

Dom had a snow day yesterday. Spent most of the morning clearing out the driveway. So today was his first day back at work. As he was getting ready to go, he asked me for his wallet. On Sunday we stopped by the grocery store after Mass (along with at least half the other residents […]

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Blizzard Birding

Sparrows and goldfinches on the snow This morning once the snow had slowed I cleared the ice off the bird feeders and tossed a few handfuls of birdseed on the ground around the backdoor. For the rest of the day we had a constant stream of feathered guests visiting the feeders and hopping about on […]

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Christmas Blizzard

So it snowed all day yesterday and all night. We got over 16 inches as best we can tell. Dom has a snow day. And spent most of the morning working hard, clearing out the driveway. Even with a snow blower, clearing all that heavy wet snow took several hours. Not much of a vacation, […]

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Christmas Diary

Christmas Eve was a whirlwind for me. The house was a mess after a week where every day brought new errands. So I vacuumed and did about eight loads of laundry. The girls and I made sugar cookies. (I opted for sprinkles rather than icing. Much less mess to contain as I was going back […]

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Confessions of a Restless Heart

I have a confession to make: I don’t always enjoy cuddling my children. I like think of myself as a huggy person; but motherhood has taught me that I’m also an extreme introvert and that being depended on by three little people all day every day from the time I wake up till the time […]

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Snow Makes Things Better

Amazing how snow makes everything seem better. Suddenly the children who haven’t wanted to go outside for weeks are clamoring to go out. Of course they have me help them to bundle up, then go out for ten minutes and then come back in and have to be unbundled and then want to go back […]

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Agatha Christie on Traveling

Life is really like a ship—the interior of a ship, that is. It has water-tight compartments. You emerge from one, seal and bolt the door, and find yourself in another. My life from the day we left Southampton to the day we returned to England was one such compartment. Ever since that I have felt […]

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Ben’s First Snow Day

Ben was thrilled at the snow. After he got over his initial upset at falling down and getting his hands cold because I’d forgot his mittens. Bella tried to pull Sophie in the sled. Snow on the rosemary. I pulled Ben around in the sled. And then Ben and Sophie. A withered green bean that […]

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