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7 8 Quick Takes

My crew. They make me smile. As usual most of my quick takes are just recycled updates about cute things the kids did in the past week that I previously posted on Facebook and/or Twitter. I’m sorry to the people who follow me in both places and also read my blog; but both are ephemeral […]

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Recently on Facebook I mentioned something about baking bread. In response a friend asked me a bunch of questions about baking bread. Since I haven’t written about baking in a while, I figured I’d repost my response to her here. I’m not above recycling material to make blog posts. I am, however, too lazy to […]

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Rest in Peace

Please join me in praying for the repose of the soul of David Campbell, my brother-in-law Peter’s father, who died on Sunday morning after being in the hospital for almost two months. And please pray for the consolation of all his family. Mr Campbell was the kindest, gentlest man. A secular Carmelite and a doting […]

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Hot Orange Bread on a Rainy Day

Last month Willa posted this scrumptious sounding recipe for Orange Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bread. Doesn’t that sound delightful? Today was cold and rainy and so I was dying to bake. It seemed like just the thing. I tweaked Willa’s recipe a bit. I used whole wheat flour and brown sugar, which yielded a much browner […]

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Watching Football with Girls

The girls love to watch football with Dom. It’s a nice way to spend time with daddy. In the past two weeks Bella has told me half a dozen times that she’s had a dream about football. Sophie refused to nap today because she didn’t want to miss the game. Dom put her down but […]

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All Saints and All Souls

Doing a recap of yesterday along with a post for today. Yesterday I took the kids to Mass, even though it technically wasn’t a holy day of obligation here. It was the Mass for the parish school and a bunch of the kids dressed up in costume—a new tradition here evidently that our new pastor […]

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Desperately Seeking Sleep

Sophie’s been waking up almost every night complaining that her teeth hurt and demanding medicine. She recently finished cutting her two-year molars and was, I believe, in considerable pain during the process. But I’m afraid it developed into a habit of her demanding medicine even after the teeth were completely erupted. It took a while […]

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