Saturday Outing to Nantasket Beach

Saturday Outing to Nantasket Beach

View at Nantasket Beach

The children all have a cold. Nothing major, just coughs and runny noses. Still, the girls were up just about every hour last night, coughing and crying. Bella would wander in moaning, “Sophie’s crying and I can’t sleep!” I’d have to go in and resettle Sophie. Fortunately, Ben slept soundly all night and didn’t have to be resettled once.

At Nantasket Beach

After such a night, we weren’t up for much. We decided today, bright and sunny, was a perfect day to go for a drive. We headed out in the direction of Cohasset, where we oohed and aahed over all the huge houses. And then we wandered up the coast to Hull where we parked at Nantasket beach and went for a little walk.

Sophie Ben and Dom at Nantasket Beach

It was a chill 42; but the sun was nice and there wasn’t too much wind. The kids ran up and down the beach.

Bella at Nantasket Beach

Bella collected a pocketful of shells and rocks without ever letting go of her dolly.

Bella at Nantasket Beach

She was single-minded in her pursuit.

Sophie at Nantasket Beach

Sophie stared at the water and wandered back and forth aimlessly.

Ben at Nantasket Beach

Ben followed Bella, running and laughing… and falling. Poor little guy fell at least a dozen times.

Ben at Nantasket Beach

But only one was a face plant that left him crying.

Shadows at Noon

I was amazed at how long our shadows were at noon.

Rope and Seaweed

We stayed about ten minutes, maybe fifteen, and then were chilled and so back to the car.

Reflection at Nantasket Beach

Bella’s cry of “I’m hungry!” sent us to nearby Jake’s seafood, where we’ve eaten several times before.

Jake's in Hull

Somehow it doesn’t matter where we were intending to go, we still end up in Hull and find ourselves eating at Jake’s. It has a sort of gravitational pull.

Bella at Jakes in Hull

Great food, a wonderful location right on the water, very kid friendly with a nautical kitsch decor of big fish, boats, lighthouses, buoys, etc.

Ben at Jakes in Hull

The kids had mac-n-cheese. As usual.

Bella and Sophie at Jakes in Hull

Dom had a bowl of chowder and some kind of fried seafood plate. I had a spinach salad with sliced almonds, dried cranberries and avocado and a nicely done piece of grilled salmon.

Sophie at Jakes in Hull

The light was so amazing I couldn’t help taking picture after picture of the kids.

Ben at Jakes in Hull

Then Dom’s mother called. She and his sister, Francesca were in the area and hoping to swing by the house for a visit. We wrapped up lunch and headed home.

View at Jakes in Hull

A beautiful day. So much to be thankful for.

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