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Third Person

Tonight at bedtime Sophie started narrating everything she was doing in the third person. She’d been wandering about talking to herself for a while. That’s not unusual at all. But then she walked over toward the couch where we were sitting and we heard what she was saying: “She picked up the water and drank […]

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The Slow Advent Movement

Advent is here. Are you ready? I’m not. Once again the beginning of the liturgical year finds me woefully unprepared. There are those who are planners and preparers and those of us who aren’t. If you’ve got all your stuff together and are already ready for Advent and Christmas, or even well on your way […]

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7 Quick Takes

Jennifer didn’t host quick takes on Friday; but I’ve got a backlog of them saved up from the past two weeks and don’t want to wait until next Friday. So here goes: my occasional foray into recording those little moments that I don’t want to forget. *    *    * I’m changing the sheets […]

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Saturday Outing to Nantasket Beach

The children all have a cold. Nothing major, just coughs and runny noses. Still, the girls were up just about every hour last night, coughing and crying. Bella would wander in moaning, “Sophie’s crying and I can’t sleep!” I’d have to go in and resettle Sophie. Fortunately, Ben slept soundly all night and didn’t have […]

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A Very Happy Thanksgiving

The kids’ table. I hope all of you had a blessed day full of family and food and fun. Holding my sweet niece, Zelie. Isn’t she a doll? Sweet Sophie loved Auntie Carol’s chocolate mousse. (So did Ben and I!) I was very grateful that my wonderful sister-in-law, Carol, cooked a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner. I […]

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Get in the Box

Sophie can be a very stubborn two year-old and trying to cope with her whims can be incredibly frustrating. Recently I’ve rediscovered the power of redirection as a parenting tool. In this case, though, the redirection is less about refocusing the children’s attention and more about refocusing my own. In short, I’ve learned how much […]

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Heart Speaks to Heart

In the past few days I’ve seen what seems like a spate of articles and blog posts about the horrors of the internet and social media (somehow this has to happen at lest once a year or so) and how it’s destroying the fabric of modern society and putting us all in danger. And frankly, […]

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Discovering the Orchestra—Online Activities with Kids

Every once in a while Bella and I (and sometimes Sophie too) watch You Tube videos of music as part of an ongoing, very informal music appreciation study. This includes folk, choral and orchestral pieces. Really anything I can find that shows good closeups of the musicians singing and playing. One thing I try to […]

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Good Day, Sun Shine

Amazing how a little sun and warmer weather can brighten your mood. Yesterday morning the house was a wreck; but the sun was out and the weather was mild and my sister had the day off. Housework can wait. “Let’s go for a drive,” I suggested. Sophie and Ben immediately scrambled for their coats and […]

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