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Trick or Treat

For one reason or another I’ve never taken the kid trick-or-treating. After watching the kids come to our house last year, Bella was determined to dress up and go out this year. I wasn’t feeling up to much in the way of making costumes; but I’m really not a fan of most off-the-rack stuff. At […]

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Ben with pumpkins before they were carved. Today, among other things, we carved our pumpkins. I didn’t get any photos during the process as I was up to my elbows in pumpkin guts. But Dom did put together the following video. I was a little nervous about this activity as there isn’t actually much for […]

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7 Quick Takes

—1— Sophie whacked Bella with a metal bucket. (This is not an unusual event, something similar happens several times a day. Life is never dull round here.) Much weeping and wailing ensued. Of course. Bella is a drama queen. She needed kisses from Dom and from me. I confiscated the bucket and then they reconciled […]

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Indian Summer

Who could stay inside and clean house on a day like this? This morning was warm! Like 76 degrees warm! By the time breakfast was done and the dishes and I’d folded and put away a couple of loads of laundry and baked a loaf of bread the early morning gray had given way to […]

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7 Quick Takes

—1— My dad returned to Texas on Tuesday and two little girls went into mourning. Bella threw temper tantrums all day long and was quite out of sorts. They were so very glad to have him here. For six days he gave them his undivided attention. What a wonderful treat for them to have someone […]

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A Connie Willis Extravaganza

Recently Melissa Wiley had a conversation with someone on Twitter (I’m too lazy to go back and find the exact conversation) about Connie Willis’s novel Doomsday Book and asked if there were other Willis titles she should catch. In response she got a goldmine of suggested titles. I remembered reading and liking Doomsday Book a […]

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St Kevin and Autism?

Somehow recently I stumbled across this story from The Telegraph about Temple Gradin, whose life was evidently the subject of a recent Emmy-winning biopic. I know I’ve read something about Grandin before. A book? An essay? Something. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a book by her; but it was enough to make me think I […]

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