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Catholic New Media Celebration in Boston

CNMC blogging panel. Moderator Rachel Balducci. Panelists Danielle Bean, Tom Peters, Sarah Reinhard, Mark Shea, Sr. Anne Flanagan, and Jeff Geerling. Oh my goodness this weekend was AWESOME!!!! Meeting Danielle Bean and Rachel Balducci and Lisa Hendey and Sarah Reinhard, and Fr Roderick and Simcha Fisher and several wonderful Daughters of St Paul and… and… […]

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

I’m glad squash flowers are so lovely. So far we have one small zucchini and no pumpkins to speak of. At least I’ve been able to enjoy looking at the blooms. For a while now I’ve been meaning to post these pictures of our garden and of the children in the garden. Some of these […]

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Birthday Book List

I mentioned(on Twitter/Facebook) that I just got a new pile of books for my birthday and that I was looking for a place to put them all. Of course my friends are just as booky as I am and so almost immediately I got a request to share the titles. (All these books were on […]

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My Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. I’m weird. I like people acknowledging my birthday; but I hate being the one to tell everyone: Hey, it’s my birthday! So I didn’t say anything here. Plus yesterday I was too busy writing about the Liturgy of the Hours. The main thing I want to say about my birthday […]

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Prayer Interrupted: The Liturgy of the Hours for Mothers of Little Ones

I’ve blogged about the Liturgy of the Hours before, but bearing urged me to repost here, a comment that I left on this blog post because she found it helpful. But let me back up a minute to fill in a bit of background. I’ve been enjoying bearing’s series of posts on St Francis de […]

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First Haircut

Before: eating blueberries at the farmer’s market So far Bella’s had two haircuts in her life. (Three if you count that time when she was a toddler she had a massive tangle in her hair an I hacked it out.) Sophie has never had a haircut. But of course Ben is a boy and there’s […]

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