Prayers for Abby

Prayers for Abby

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  • i totally totally understand… I am just a bit that way myself, I won’t go into details, but yes, a house free of another adult presence is simply refreshing at times. I always was glad to stay home by myself after I had each baby, it was relatively “quiet” of needing to be aware and respond to a visitor’s/family member’s presence… whether they were in the same room or across the house!

  • Oh my stars, do I understand this.  I could hijack your comments and write an entire post about it, but I’ll try to do that on my own blog later. 

    But yes, I understand completely, and let me just say home educating my children was difficult because of this, and once some of them were teens, nearly impossible;  thus the teens entrance into the local Catholic High School this year. 

    They have been in school a week, and I feel like 3/8ths of my brain is back up and running.  wink

  • Wow…just wow.

    I feel like you’ve hopped inside my head and articulated what I couldn’t quite pin down. My teens will be back at school/university next week and I’ll get my inner space back.

    And change the sheets.

  • I understand.

    Some days James works from home. Some days he goes to work. So, we don’t really have a “usual” schedule in that sense. To the extent it is regular, he teaches Tuesdays and Thursdays and is generally home Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. No two back-to-back days are usually the same.

    When I am the only adult in the house there is also a sense that, since there is no other adult to consult or consider, I am in complete command of the house and everything that happens in it. It likewise gives me greater motivation regarding the day because I bear sole responsibility for everything – everything is up to me. Somehow, the fact every aspect requires me forces me to always “step up to the plate” because I can never call on James to do this or take care of that. Each circumstance has, for me, it’s own unique mind frame and attitude. I’ve sometimes wondered if having it always one way or the other would be better, but, since it really isn’t an option right now, it doesn’t matter much.

    But yesterday, James was gone most of the day, and I got our whole bedroom completely dusted, vacuumed and clean sheets on the bed. It is, somehow, a different environment.

  • Well, if you think about it, our home are our offices.  At least that’s what I tell my husband when he’s home instead of at work!

  • I’m with you Melanie.  My husband will occasionally take two or more weeks off and it is a bit of a relief when I can reclaim my territory.  I seem to subtly expect him to do this or that and so I take on less myself.  When it’s just me, I just get it done. 
    But I am the happiest when he walks in the door every evening. smile

  • I understand this, I feel like I can do anything when I am alone. Sometimes my hubby takes the kids for a walk so I can get massive amounts of housework done.
    I love the picture she took of her toes. smile

  • I can understand this, though I am not such an extreme introvert, I need my alone time to recharge and reorganize.

    But, here’s a serious question (brought up by Renee’s comment) – how do moms that are introverts homeschool?  Do you just suffer through the school years?  Do your children sense your overwhelming desire to be alone?

  • When my husband works from home I have to bus his dishes, too, and that is one of the real reasons that it’s slightly obnoxious. But seeing it written out like that does make a lot of sense for me.

  • Oh, I totally relate! I find myself getting into fits of crankiness even after long weekends away. Thanks for writing about it… it helps me be a little more objective about my mood swings!

  • I’m about as extroverted as a person can get & I still feel this way…which is why I am sure that God arranged it so that my mom, in her eighties, is now living with us! The point, of course, isn’t for me to be constantly comfortable. The point is for me to grow beyond myself, which is what happens when I have another adult (no matter how much I love ‘em) in “my” house with me all the time.

  • This was a relief to read. My husband is a bit of an extrovert, and sometimes has a hard time understanding that I simply cannot clean or work in the house when I’m surrounded by people. I’ve always wondered if I’m just a bit crazy. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one!