Beach Day with Daddy

Beach Day with Daddy


Dom’s been on vacation the past two weeks. We didn’t go anywhere; but have been having fun exploring things to do closer to home.

One of Bella’s requests was a beach day with Daddy. “You have never, ever, been to the beach, Daddy!” So on Thursday we went to the beach.



Sophie wanted to spend most of her beach time standing in the surf. She didn’t mind the chilly water at all. She’s really pretty fearless and the waves were pretty high still after the weekend’s storms. We had to insist she only go into the water if she was holding someone’s hand. I think she could have stood there all day if we’d let her.


Ben was ok with the water in small doses; but he mainly stayed up near the blanket, playing with rocks and sand and trying to push the wagon.


Bella spent most of the day running back and forth. Out to hold daddy’s hand in the surf. Then she’d find a pretty rock or shell or bit of seaweed and run up to show me her find and deposit it in the growing pile on the edge of the blanket. Then back to splash some more. Ben was happy to have a thoughtful big sister providing him with so many playthings.


I had to take a picture of Bella holding many of her favorite finds. She insisted. I love the wide variety of expressions in the photos of her.




Toward the end she got very silly, making faces for the camera.


Of course, if Bella sticks her tongue out, Sophie has to do it too!


Watch`out, Ben, the tide is coming in! We kept having to move our blanket up the beach as the waves lapped higher and higher. Bella was quite nervous as she watched their gradual encroachment.


Sophie looking surprised at something.


Yes, I think the beach was a great success. We had hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches from the snack shack and ended the day with ice cream sandwiches.


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  • My 15 year old daughter recently read that book, and was surprised by how much she enjoyed it.  She said it was terribly sad, but contains so much hope.

    She also said when something would irritate her about her life, after reading that book, she would say, “Trivial.  My problems are trivial”. 


  • James got that book for Christmas and read it last January. He thought it was a very good book. Thanks for the article link – I will pass it along to him.

    The bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima are subjects of particular interest to him. Since he often teaches moral theology, the question of the bombs is a topic he always brings up.

    I’d also recommend seeing Grave of the Fireflies. It is an animated (but not for children) film on the final days of the war for a young Japanese boy and his sister. Do not watch the dubbed version as they stupidly used an adult woman to voice the little girl and be aware it is a tear-jerker, but it is a close look at what life was like for civilians at the time.