My Birthday

My Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. I’m weird. I like people acknowledging my birthday; but I hate being the one to tell everyone: Hey, it’s my birthday! So I didn’t say anything here. Plus yesterday I was too busy writing about the Liturgy of the Hours.

The main thing I want to say about my birthday is how grateful I am to my wonderful mother. Now that I’m a mom myself I am beginning to get a glimpse of just how awesome she is. Thanks, mom!

I had a great day. My awesome husband let me sleep in. Then he prompted my beautiful daughters to greet me with “Happy Birthday, Mama!” Oh the cutest thing ever! And Sophie continued to say it all day long. At least twenty times. So sweet!

I got to spend the day with my favoritest people in the whole world: my kids.

We all went out to dinner at a great Indian place. My sister came and all the kids and it was a blast. We got there early, were the first people there in fact, which I’ve found is key to going out with the little people. All the kids ate Indian, even Ben. Bella ordered soup because she decided she wanted soup. She loved the chicken and corn special of the day. They all had tandoori chicken, naan and rice and some beef and lamb kabobs too. I had a delicious vindaloo chicken, my sister had a lamb saag and Dom had a seafood masala.

Then we went home and had mini cupcakes and I opened my presents. Once again, Ben refused to try the cake. I’m thinking he has a strange aversion to dessert.

It was also the anniversary of Ben’s baptism; but we elected to postpone that celebration till tonight as he was too tired to join in the after-dinner festivities.

I had forgotten that one of my favorite blogging moms not only has an adorable youngest daughter who shares my name; but also shares my birthday. Her birthday blog post is much more inspiring than mine, so go read it.


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  • That Backyard Birdsong book is terrific!  My daughter packs it with her everywhere—it was huge hit at MassAudubon camp.  We got one of the Western US while we on vacation in OR.  It’s great when you’ve heard a song outside a few times and then hear it in the book.