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Introversion and Housekeeping

All the photos in this blog post are by Isabella. I gave her my old camera this afternoon while Ben and Sophie were napping and showed her how to shoot pictures. This bought me a few minutes of quiet time. (And didn’t she do a great job?) Dom went back to work on Monday after […]

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Prayers for Abby

Abby of Abigail’s Alcove is having a baby today! Her fourth child, a girl, will be born via c-section at 10:30 EST. Please join me in prayers for her baby’s safe delivery and Abby’s swift recovery. Updated: Welcome to baby Teresa! “The Present is the point at which time touches eternity”: Abby’s birth story  

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Beach Day with Daddy

Dom’s been on vacation the past two weeks. We didn’t go anywhere; but have been having fun exploring things to do closer to home. One of Bella’s requests was a beach day with Daddy. “You have never, ever, been to the beach, Daddy!” So on Thursday we went to the beach. Sophie wanted to spend […]

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Rain, rain, rain

It’s been raining nonstop since sometime early Sunday morning. Or was it late on Saturday? This morning we looked outside to see these two dishpans full of water. Bella and I took a tape measure out to see how much that is. She’s not a great photographer’s assistant. She doesn’t have a steady hand. Still, […]

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Our Trip to the Aquarium

Turtle! Today we took the kids into Boston to visit the New England Aquarium. They laughed. They cried. I think it was a most successful trip. Bella and Sophie look at the sea lions. We parked at Braintree station, about fifteen minutes drive from our house, and took the Red Line in to South Station […]

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Ben Playing in the Mud

The other morning I opened the back door to see what the temperature was like. It was raining and I wondered whether it would be warm and muggy or cool and damp. It was cool, with a lovely breeze so I left the door open to let the room breathe. As soon as my back […]

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Pray with Us, Please

We just learned that my mother-in-law, Virgina, is on her way to the ER with fever and pain in her leg. She’s had knee replacement surgery in both legs. Last year she had a serious infection. The doctor said if it returned, it would probably cost her leg. Please join our family in prayer for […]

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