Ben at One Year

Ben at One Year


Ben had his one year check up Tuesday. He’d gained more than two inches and yet was almost exactly the same weight. The doctor had me put him back on the scale and checked again. (He’d been screaming and trying to stand while we weighed him the first time.)

But he’s an incredibly active little guy. He crawls all over the house, all over the backyard. When he’s not eating or sleeping, he’s in constant motion. (Check out these photos of him at nine months to see how much he’s slimmed out.)

It seems like he’s decided he’s ready to give up his morning nap. I’m not ready for him to give it up; but it looks like he might be. Stubborn child who does things before I’m ready for him to!

I am not, however, opposed to him learning to walk. And he’s getting very, very close. He regularly lets go and takes three or four steps into the middle of the room before he drops to all fours. He likes the idea of walking but he’s still not all that steady on his feet and he knows crawling is faster—wow you should see how fast he crawls! He’s a busy guy with places to go and things to do!

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s walking by the end of the month. I won’t be shocked if he isn’t, though. He does things at his own pace.

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