Last week when we went to Target Bella spied the tubes of finger paints. “What’s this, Mama?” Oh twist my arm! She didn’t even ask; but I pulled them off the shelf and she refused to put them in the cart. She carried them all the way to the checkout.


I am getting much, much more relaxed about messy crafts. The girls do them during Ben’s morning nap. They wash off. All is good.


Look how happy they are!


I love the one finger technique. But for such a dainty painting style, they still make quite the mess!


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  • +JMJ+

    Melanie, the first beautiful picture of you and Ben reminds me so much of Morgan Weistling’s painting Kissing the Face of God!

    I was recently a guest at another little boy’s first birthday party. They’re so adorable and precious at this age, aren’t they? =)

  • E,

    I had to Google the Weistling painting. Oh that’s beautiful! I think I need to get a copy.

    That’s my all-time favorite photo of myself with any of my children.

    They are adorable at this age. Absolutely wonderful and delightful. And yet the sad thing is sometimes I need to look at the pictures again and again to remind myself because when I’m tired and they’re cranky, it can be easy to forget how wonderful they were being just half an hour before. So many nights after the kids are in bed I spend uploading photos and I just lose myself in the wonder of contemplating them. It recharges my mommy batteries and makes it easier to deal with the mess.

  • Mat. Emily,

    I did try them; but they didn’t seem to make much of a difference. At least I couldn’t see any.

    But, thanks be to God, two of the teeth seem to be finally starting to poke through the gums and he seems much less uncomfortable today. (Except for the extreme heat which is unsettling him a bit, he tends to run hot, poor dear and always wanted to be less dressed than I thought he should be in the winter.) I’m hoping and praying it won’t take much longer for the other two to erupt and then maybe he’ll have a little peace for a while.

  • Dear Melanie, I am sorry this is so hard and can imagine just how you feel.  I had a “I think I’m pregnant” day a few weeks ago (turned out to just be a 24 hour stomach flu) and cried and cried at the thought of losing my baby Edmund.  “I’m not ready to let him go yet,” I told Devin. 

    Thanks be to God, it was not yet the time for Edmund to stop being my baby, and I get to nurse him longer.  Like you, I think that, when Edmund weans, I will grieve a little and mournfully contemplate that passage from Isaiah.

    And, on a side note, I grinned a little at Mass on Sunday as the male lector very solemnly pronounced “abundant breasts.”  Not something one hears every days.

    Bless you, dear, and your new baby.

  • Melanie,
    It’s sort of an old wive’s tale, but have you heard of amber teething necklaces? Wearing raw amber next to the skin is supposed to ease teething pain. I don’t know if it’s something you would want to try for Ben, but just thought I’d put it out there. Nova Natural Toys (online) carries them if you want to take a look.
    My sympathy for the early weaning. It is so hard for mothers when our babies grow up. My second is going to college in the fall, and my first is now a parent. Thankfully, I still have little ones at home to cuddle.