Disclaimer and Updates

Disclaimer and Updates

An all purpose blog post. Because I’m too tired to make this into distinct thoughts.


Portland Head Lighthouse, Portland, Maine

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to any of my dear friends here that I am predicting that blogging will be sporadic in the coming months. Growing a baby is hard work! I’m already feeling exhausted. And, yes, a wee bit sick to the stomach.


Bella and Grandma B at Portland Head Light.

Strangely, I’ve still been waking at the crack of dawn and getting in some sleepy prayer time before the kids get up. I’m not counting on that oddity to continue. (God, I sort of hope you start to let me off that hook so I can get more sleep.)


Sophie at Portland Head Light.

I’m still grieving Ben’s non-nursing. It’s sad and strange but I feel like I don’t know how to show him love and affection without nursing. He’s not a cuddler. He’s a quick affirming hug and then I’m off to conquer the world sort of guy. When he’s tired and cranky and in pain, he does NOT want to snuggle with me. I don’t know how to deal with that.


View from Portland Head Light: another lighthouse and a ship sailing by.

Anyway, while I am distracted and ignoring the still-unpacked bags, here are a few snaps of our visit in Maine.


Ben at Portland Head Light, sporting his new hat and eating “cheeeessse!”

Don’t you find that unpacking is 100 times worse than packing? Or is that just me? Yes, there are still two partially-full bags on the couch in the living room. They’re starting to fade into the scenery.


The girls, ready for a dip in Grandma’s pool

Of course now that I’ve posted this disclaimer I will probably have a sudden flurry of blog posts. That always seems to happen to me.

with Ben in Maine

Hanging out with Ben on the deck while Dom swims with the girls.

But for now, I’m heading to bed. Baby is demanding sleep. (Which right now seems much better than what he’ll be demanding in nine months time.)


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