Painting with Bella and Sophie

Painting with Bella and Sophie

I had so much fun getting down on the floor to paint with my girls. It made more of a mess this way; but it also meant we were all creating a painting together. Water-based paints clean up easy. It’s so worth ignoring the mess. (Just very hard.)

I love the creativity of the girls. Bella paints a big blue sun, a”holy, big sun.” With eyes. And then tells it to watch out for the shark.

Bella looks at what Sophie’s painting and tells her that she’s painting “sun drops”. Typical big sister seizing creative control and naming rights.  Sophie adopts the name, because, well, Bella must be correct.

Of course, there’s a bit of a squabble at the end when Bella touches Sophie’s wet paint. I love Sophie’s delayed reaction and the way she slashes her own face with the red paint.

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