Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi


This morning Sophie was still sick and so Dom stayed home with her and Ben while I took Bella to Mass with me. It was lovely to go just with my big girl. So restful (comparatively).

Sadly, the Pange Lingua was not sung. Instead we had Table of Plenty, One Bread, One Body and Sing to the Mountains. But I have five versions of it in iTunes so I had them on continuous shuffle while we were eating breakfast and getting dressed.

This afternoon I took Bella and Ben to a family birthday party. It felt wrong to go without Dom and I’d probably have stayed home except for not wanting to disappoint Bella . We had a good time, except for Ben biting my shoulder. I think he was overtired and wanted to nurse; but ouch! He raised a welt. Bella splashed in the pool and played with her cousins and ate too many chips and too much cake and ice cream. I had a nice chat with my sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law.

Dom’s mother sent me home with brownies for him. Sophie was still running a fever when we got home and her stomach is still in rebellion. This has not been fun for her, poor thing.

Anyway; back to the Pange Lingua. Here’s a version I found online. Beautiful.

Also, although here in the US we celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi today, mos everywhere else it was on Thursday. My dad sent me the link to these awesome pictures of Corpus Christi processions around the world.


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  • I’m so glad you did this, Melanie!  Your writing is so…naturally romantic looking.  (I swear, I read too many novels smile)  The swoops and flourishes look unpracticed but perfect.  Lovely!

    And did you DRAW that box at the bottom?  I can’t stop looking at it…how does it WORK?!?

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  • I hate handwriting. I have stubby hands and fingers along with incipient carpal tunnel syndrome and have been susceptible to hand cramps my whole life.

    Plus my penmanship is so bad that in the 8th grade, I resolved to write only in Caps and small caps in a font of my devising. Only then did I determine that people would be able to read what I wrote.

  • Thanks, Sarah!

    I’m laughing about it looking unpracticed because I spent several years (in high school) obsessively perfecting that look.

    Oh and I think I started writing it about six times; but one time I got the numbering wrong and another time I misspelled something and my perfectionist nature just won’t let me continue once I’ve noticed a mistake. 

    Oh and yes I drew the little Celtic knot in a box at the bottom. Another thing I obsessed over until I perfected. I learned from a friend my freshman year in college. Let’s just say most of my lecture notes were… illuminated. To the point where one Philosophy professor pulled me aside after class to express his concern about my paying attention.

    I’m not sure if I can explain how it works. Though maybe I could compose a little tutorial and post it on the blog. Once I find new batteries for my camera.

  • Wow you have beautiful handwriting! I’ll do mine as soon as I can find a pen. They’ve been put in all sorts of up places to keep from Brigid.

  • Hi Melanie,

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for awhile but I especially loved your handwriting post and tried it myself. Have a great day! grin