7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes



This is a pile of all the books that have come for me in the mail this week.


“Wow, Mom, that’s a lot of books!” says Ben.

“Can I eat this one?”


I think maybe it’s time to admit I have a wee bit of a problem.

At least I’m in good company.



Bella’s morning creation: dandelions and clover.


Afternoon snack.


The “ch” menu:  Cheese. Cheerios. The first cherries of the year. (So sweet!)


I love the way Sophie shares her food with Ben.


    Like olive plants your children around your table.



Those pictures of the three children remind me of one of my favorite icons.

A reminder of how family is an image of the divine nature.



Speaking of Sophie and sharing, she’s definitely the sharer in the family. Whenever there is a conflict where Bella and Sophie are both screaming about wanting the same object, and it escalates to the point where I have to step in and tell them that someone will have to give, it’s always Sophie that gives.

This morning Bella snatched a doll out of Sophie’s hands. (I think Bella had been playing with it earlier; but she’d abandoned it on the couch.) Screaming and tears ensued with Bella getting especially hysterical. Can one of you find a different doll? I asked reasonably. And Sophie immediately handed over the contested dolly and came with me to her bedroom to find a replacement.

Then tonight at dinner Sophie had got two plates out of the drawer for herself and Bella. Bella immediately demanded that she wanted the purple one. I could see immediately that it was the one Sophie had her heart set on. She balked and rapid back and forth discussion ensued. It was starting to get ugly and I was on the verge of taking away the contested plate when Sophie suddenly gave it to Bella: “Here, Bewwa.” (In retrospect perhaps I should have insisted that as Sophie was the one to do the work of getting the plates, she should have first pick.)


Ben is getting more and more physically confident and competent. He crawls everywhere now and stands and sits easily. He’s currently perfecting the back flip dismount from my lap onto the living room rug. He thinks it’s hilarious. He is such a boy!

He’s also getting very clear in communicating. He only makes six sounds but he deploys them very well and uses body language and expressions to convey so much. I think he may even be on the verge of saying mama!


I’ve stayed up too late yet again. And I’m out of ideas for number seven. But this is the first time in ages I’ve actually composed my quick takes before Friday, so I can come back in the morning and update this if I think of something else overnight.

Nope. Nuthin’. Happy weekend, everyone.

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