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Last week when we went to Target Bella spied the tubes of finger paints. “What’s this, Mama?” Oh twist my arm! She didn’t even ask; but I pulled them off the shelf and she refused to put them in the cart. She carried them all the way to the checkout. I am getting much, much […]

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St Gianna Molla and Abortion

This passage really struck me when I was reading. Sadly, some pro-lifers don’t know how to respond with compassion to women who are struggling and tempted to abortion. I loved how St Gianna was so passionate about the sanctity of life and yet so compassionate toward the women she treated as well. I am also […]

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Bella on Vocations

On Sunday Father’s homily was about vocations. He asked the kids if they were going to be priests or religious when they grew up or married. I whispered to Bella, “Are you going to be a religious sister.” “No,” she replied with great certainty, “I’m going to be married.” After all, she’s already got all […]

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Pregnancy Rituals

Attende, Domine, et miserere, quia peccavimus tibi. I finish my bowl of curry and then go to put Ben in bed. Sleepy little boy, he rests his head on my shoulder as I say a few brief prayers over him. Then I put him down in his crib and he clutches his blanket to his […]

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Disclaimer and Updates

An all purpose blog post. Because I’m too tired to make this into distinct thoughts. Portland Head Lighthouse, Portland, Maine I’m sure it will come as no surprise to any of my dear friends here that I am predicting that blogging will be sporadic in the coming months. Growing a baby is hard work! I’m […]

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Ben in the Sprinkler

He may not have relished getting his feet wet in the icy waters of the Atlantic on Friday morning; but after his nap on Friday afternoon Ben woke and crawled off into the sprinkler that I’d turned on for Bella. He totally got into it. Ben plays in the sprinkler. from Domenico Bettinelli on Vimeo. […]

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Nursing Strike: Day 6

After a long weekend in Maine visiting my mother-in-law we are home. Tired but very glad we went. I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since we were last there. But the last time was definitely before we moved to the South Shore. The drive up seemed interminable, a third again as long as […]

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Beach Day

Yesterday morning my sister and I took the kids to the beach. My stroke of genius for the day: thinking to put the little red wagon in the car instead of the double stroller. Big fat wheels get much better traction on sand. The little ones loved it. Ben set foot in the Atlantic for […]

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A Baby Sister for Bella?

When we told Bella that we were expecting a new baby, she was incredulous. “You’re just pretending, right?” she giggled. But we insisted that we weren’t pretending. “There really is a new baby in Mama’s belly,” Dom told her. She giggled some more. Then she wanted to know what the baby’s name is. We told […]

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