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What Is It?

Does anyone know what this guy is? This is the second time we’ve turned one up while weeding the garden. Inquiring minds want to know and I have no idea how to look up what I’m assuming is an immature member of the family insecta.

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Either you get it or you don’t. If you don’t, please refrain from being crude and snide. I liked it, you didn’t. Let’s agree to disagree. I started watching Lost in the fall of 2005, several episodes into the second season. I had given up tv for Lent a year or two previously and had […]

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Birds, Birds, Birds

Bella’s version of Song of the Swallows: “Birds, birds, birds. I like all the birds. Birds, birds, birds. I like to see birds. Birds, birds, birds, I wish I could see birds. Birds, birds, birds, I wish I could see birds. Birds, birds, birds, I wish I could see birds. Birds, birds, birds, I wish […]

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Washing Dishes

No matter how many times we scold and admonish, the play dishes keep ending up in the sandbox. And then when they get all gritty, it’s time to wash the dishes. I had Montessori visions of teaching Bella the right way to put soapy water in one bin and clean water in another. We got […]

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Pictures from Bella’s Birthday

On Wednesday night we had a power outage and so I wasn’t able to get these up as I’d planned. Even though we had lemon cake last week for Sophie’s baptism day, Bella wanted more lemon cake. I talked her into doing cupcakes. What little girls doesn’t like cupcakes? We skipped frosting and no one […]

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The Dangerous World of Butterflies Part II

“What is your next book going to be about?” Without fail when I read to audiences in bookstores, when I’m interviewed on radio and TV about my work, even when I’m introduced in a purely social setting a an author, that question comes up. It’s as predictable as migrating Monarchs. The first lines grabbed me. […]

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