Dwelling in the Possibilities of a �Win-Win�

Dwelling in the Possibilities of a �Win-Win�

from the Anchoress. I love the way she frames this:

Our society loves time-travel stories. We love to tease the notion that one change in the time-continuum can have drastic and far-reaching consequences, even for peripheral characters, and for generations. A quantum slip, and the whole world may be forever altered.

But we never wonder (and indeed, some will hate me for daring to do so, here): what happens, within that continuum, when a woman who perhaps, in God�s plan, was supposed to die, instead chooses to kill the baby and remain alive?

If we believe that God has indeed has loved us into being, and for a purpose, what happens when the purpose is thwarted? Suddenly everyone in the mother�s world, even those on the periphery, may see their lives tilted away from the original �plan� God had for them. Perhaps lessons that need learning go unlearned. Perhaps a gadget that needs inventing in order to feed millions in the third world must be invented later. Perhaps a child meant to grow up formed by the knowledge that her own mother loved her so much that she risked death for her is not born at all, and a love that needs manifesting and expressing, goes undiscovered, and unshared.

If God is love, that last might be reason enough to choose life over abortion, even when the struggle is most heartfully sincere, the possibilities are complicated and frightening, and the illusion of control seems so tantalizingly near and clear.

Read the whole article here: Dwelling in the Possibilities of a “Win-Win”

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