Happy Birthday, Isabella!!!

Happy Birthday, Isabella!!!

Holding Bella for the first time.

Dear Isabella,

Four years ago today I got to hold you for the very first time. It was the most awesome thing. I’m still at a loss for words to express what that moment means to me.

Today I thank God once again for giving you to me. For making me a mom.


God bless you and keep you, my darling girl.


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  • Hello, Melanie,
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!  I discovered you through Minnesota Mom, and have found your posts very thought provoking.  Over at my end a little group of us has started a Poetry Wednesday.  When Minnesota Mom linked to your poem on loss, I thought it was very beautiful and worth sharing.  I apologize now, I posted your poem (linking to you, of course) but just this moment thought “hmmm, I should ask her permission!”.  So if you object, PLEASE let me know, I will remove it immediately.  I am so used to the poets I post being either dead or so well known it is as if I am posting air.  So I am afraid I overstepped in this case.  I posted your poem because I found it so touching and true.  Thank you for your lovely writing.


  • This is beautiful, Melanie. (And so are the pictures of your sweet children!) Thank you for this encouraging word and gentle reminder of whose power does the work we strive in every day.

  • Melanie,
    What a beautiful post.  I’d just like you to know that your writing consistently plants a seed in me.  Thank you for your lovely reflections and inspiring thoughts.

  • Beautiful post Melanie.  I have copied these and other posts with the same theme so that I can pass them on to my children when they have children.