Reasonable Parenting Goals

Reasonable Parenting Goals

I can’t remember anymore where I saw the link to this piece. [Oh, it was the lovely Kate Wicker!] It’s got me thinking quite a bit this week: Proclaiming Our Purpose in Parenting

A recent conversation with my sister (who parents in complete opposition to me) had her saying this:

“We have the same goals for our children, but we have very different ways of trying to accomplish that goal. We are very concerned that your methods will not get you the result you want.”

I said, “I would gently suggest that our goal may not actually be the same, and, as such, you may not be able to judge our methods by what you think the goal is.”

She went on to say this:

“Don’t we both have the same goal of ending up with kids who love God and serve Him?”

I would say that is absolutely NOT my goal, nor is it a reasonable goal for any believing parent to have.

[bold is in the original]

At first that bolded statement shocked me. As I read on I found that I agreed 100%. Before you think I’ve lost my mind, click through and read the whole argument.

I posted some follow-up thoughts here: The Life of Significant Soil

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  • What a great day!

    Melanie, this is the oddest thing (in a good way).  I have been reading your blog—and Dom’s—for years now.  Joe is my second cousin—small world!

  • Katherine,

    The steak was awesome. Can’t do it often; but a very nice rare treat. The lobsters were good too, though I only had a little of the girls’. They take after their dad and are mad about lobster. I like it well enough but not more than steak. Guess I’m really a Texas girl at heart.

    Katie, when Joe told me that I thought it was a very funny coincidence. The longer I blog the more I realize what a small world it is. I can’t tell you how many of these kinds of crossings we’ve had.

  • Looks like it was a great Saturday. Hope the lobsters and steaks tasted great! (I’ve never had lobster but maybe one day I’ll be curious enough.)

  • Melanie,
    Being in the center of the continent, we don’t have lobsters at our farmer’s market [boohoo].  I’m just curious, and you don’t have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable, but how much do lobsters cost where you are?  I love lobster and crab and all shellfish and would eat it daily [3x a day at that] but it’s cost prohibitive here.  I’d love to live somewhere that I could just pick it up at a farmer’s market or roadside stand like place.

  • Anne,

    At the supermarket we’d probably pay between $7-9 a pound.

    These cost $5.50 a pound. A very good deal, though at the height of the summer they might get down to $4.75 a pound at the farmer’s market.

    Like I said, we bought them straight from the lobsterman. They were probably swimming about in the ocean a couple of days before. Very fresh! He’s a really nice guy and either he or his wife is there every Saturday of the season. They have a sweet little girl too who was a baby last summer and is now toddling about. It’s so fun to get to know the people we buy food from.

  • I think we might be in the beginning of the summer glut:  they were $5.99/lb yesterday at grocery store just west of Boston. Small, yes, but still good!