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The Learning Curve of Breastfeeding

Since we’ve been talking about nursing here this week, it seems like an appropriate time to dust this piece off that’s been waiting a couple of weeks for me to finish it. I don’t remember how I ended up there; but recently I found myself at a site dedicated to promoting breastfeeding and from my […]

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Picture Book: Monarch Butterfly of Aster Way

This one came as a birthday present for Bella, courtesy of my parents, who chose it from our Amazon wish list. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) I’m sure this grabbed my eye because I’d just finished reading The Dangerous World of Butterflies. It’s one in the Smithsonian’s Backyard series of books published by the Smithsonian Institution. […]

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Too Soon!

In the past week or so Ben has been refusing to nurse more and more often. I sit down at one of his usual times and he starts to scream at me as if affronted by the very suggestion. For a few days it seemed to focus more on the right side than on the […]

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Finally the mystery is solved! We’ve been wondering for a long time now why Sophie (and Bella too) would say “ballerina” when she put something on her head: a book, a pillow, a basket. Later as her vocabulary grew a bit more sophisticated she would elaborate to, “Like a ballerina.” Then the other day Dom […]

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Saint Philip Neri

He was born in Florence in 1515. At the age of eighteen he went to Rome, and earned his living as a tutor. He undertook much-needed charitable work among the young men of the city, and started a brotherhood to help the sick poor and pilgrims.   He was advised that he could do more […]

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A Fun Day

What strange bird is perched in my peach tree? Tonight at bedtime Bella declared that today was “a fun day”. When I asked her why, she answered that it was because we went for a walk. Kind of sad that we do it so infrequently it makes for a banner day. I’m working on getting […]

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