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The Price of Choice

First, check out these absolutely amazing videos that red cardigan links to in this post Then, I really liked the point she made in the comments:  One of the things I liked about the videos at the site above is that they show living babies in the womb. Pro-lifers argue about the effectiveness of the […]

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I’ve got about five quilting projects gathering dust on my sewing table. Haven’t touched the machine since the end of last year when I had a brief pre-Christmas fling with a couple of quilt blocks for my virtual quilting bee. I’ve got more unwritten or partially written blog posts than I can count. So many […]

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This Week in Pictures

Last weekend we started a bunch of seeds. Some tomatoes and peppers. A bunch of green leafy vegetables and some sunflowers, marigolds and nasturtiums. Bella and Sophie both helped. Sophie put this outfit together all by herself. She’s got Bella’s snow boots on with a sundress, pants, sweater, and of course the hat. One morning […]

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Beause It’s Never too Late to Say Thanks

While googling my own name (because a friend mentioned in an email that she’d seen my name mentioned somewhere but didn’t include the link.) I stumbled across this blog entry, announcing the winners of a giveaway I’d entered: November 28�s giveaway, the one-year subscription to mater et magistra, goes to Melanie Bettinelli.  (A confession: This […]

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Our neighbors whose house is directly behind ours had their fence replaced this week. The girls spent much of Tuesday morning perched in their playhouse, staring over the back fence at the workers. On Tuesday afternoon when they woke from their naps, the workers had moved on to the fence that divides our yard from […]

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Easter Views

Catching up on my photo posting. Here are some of my favorite snaps from Easter Sunday. I didn’t catch any photos of the girls with their Easter baskets before Mass. We had an egg hunt when we returned from Mass. Sophie didn’t really get it. Once she found one egg and discovered it had candy, […]

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