Dandelion Days, Mama’s Helpers

Dandelion Days, Mama’s Helpers


Today Bella picked these beautiful flowers for “Hail Mary”.

Bella helped me make my bed this morning. And you know she actually was helpful. She stood across the bed from me and tugged at the sheets and the blankets, pulling them into reasonable straightness. Then when it was done she and Sophie carried the dirty sheets to the laundry room and put them into the washing machine for me.

Bella’s new fascination is with learning how to fold the laundry. A couple of weeks ago she called out to me to watch as she folded her doll blanket and neatly rolled it up—just like I roll the bath towels: “Look what I can do!”

Since then she is getting pretty good at folding towels and washcloths and even managed a couple of pairs of pajama pants. She sat with me as I folded laundry and helped me fold and was pleasant company and though the work didn’t really go any faster, still she tried. Then she and Sophie both helped me put away the folded laundry.

And then after that they helped to put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher. I couldn’t believe how quickly the dishes got done with two little helping hands! I handle the glasses and the ceramic plates and bowls while they do all of their plastic plates and bowls, all of the plastic food containers and lids, and all of the utensils except the knives.

After dinner Bella and Sophie both cleared their dishes away and put them in the sink. Then they helped me pick up the living room and tidy their bedroom. They both put their dirty clothes in the hamper. How nice to have a (reasonably) neat house when I come out from tucking them into their beds!


Bella said this is a picture of dandelions.

They can both fetch diapers and other small objects and Bella can go fill up a sippy cup from the Britta if I take the lid off for her. She can even carry a full cup across the house without spilling it (usually).

Bella can go to the bathroom with no help and even remembers to wash her hands, flush the toilet and turn off the light.

One day last week I’d taken the hand towel out of the bathroom to wash it and had been distracted before I could hang a new one in its place. Later when I went into the bathroom I was surprised to see a fresh towel hanging on the rack. Turns out Bella got it out and hung it up on her own initiative. (No one else was home except me and the kids.)

Another day I was nursing Ben after breakfast and Bella decided she was still hungry. She served herself a bowl of oatmeal from a pot on the stove top and then served Sophie some too. She didn’t even make a mess!

Today Bella pushed Ben on the swing (while I watched to make sure she didn’t push too hard.) Oh it gladdened my heart to hear them both laughing and laughing at each other. Ben just adores his big sisters and they fawn over him.

Sophie is really becoming a little singer. Even though Bella has lost a bit of interest in saying prayers with me and singing the Regina Coeli, Sophie has stepped up to take her place. Oh joy to start singing and then hear her little voice joining in.

I am glimpsing the future and it is a beautiful thing. Working with my sweet daughters by my side.


Every table should have a dandelion centerpiece!


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  • On one hand, your photos of your beautiful girls and their braids make me smile. On the other hand, they make me weep because my almost-3-year-old butchered her long locks with a pair of scissors while I was nursing the baby to sleep. I cried and just about delivered eulogy for that precious pile of strands that no longer can be braided. Pigtails are still doable, however.  :0)

  • Kate, That’s heartbreaking. I live in dread of the day one of my girls takes a pair of scissors to her hair. Though I suppose it’s bound to happen. The good news is it will grow back… eventually.