The Great Escape

The Great Escape


Ben’s been crawling for a few weeks now and has been pulling himself up to a stand on anything and everything. But he hasn’t been able to sit up when he’s flat on is back. Whenever he fell over he would just lay there like a little bug, kicking his arms and legs and screaming, outraged, until someone came and helped him up.

So since all he did in bed was roll around, I’ve left the bassinet insert in the portacrib. It makes it much easier for me to get him in and out.

Then two days ago I went in to get him up in the morning and found him sitting up. He’d finally figured it out. The same again today. Little sitting up baby, beaming at us. I should probably have then taken out the insert because if he can sit up then he can stand up. And if he can stand then he can fall out.

But I’m a slow learner.

So when I heard him squawk at the end of his nap this afternoon, I shouldn’t have been completely shocked to find him crawling across the office floor. But I was.

Happy little baby boy in a white shirt and long blue sleep sack happily crawling to meet me. I’m glad he didn’t hurt himself on the way down.

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  • Melanie, I love your book posts and look forward to them.  A few months ago I picked up “Death of a Pope” and read it on a International work trip and loved it!  My problem these days is that I start a book and then another one catches my eye and I start on that one instead.  Do you read books straight through or trade-off between them?  I think you wrote about this once, but I can’t remember.  Thanks again and God Bless!  smile

  • Marie, I’m so glad you liked it; It’s so fun to be able to share books I like with other people.

    It depends on the book as to whether I read straight through or trade off. I’m more likely to read fiction straight through and non-fiction I’m more likely to read in spurts.  I keep a few books in the bathroom for brief gobbles throughout the day. Which ones I pick up sort of depend on my mood.

    There’s usually one book I’m most focused on and that I carry around the house with me and read while nursing, while stirring a pot for supper, while eating breakfast and lunch, etc. But sometimes I don’t really have one focal book and then I’ just trade off between a few other books. I didn’t used to do that so much unless I was reading books for school; but motherhood has definitely made me a much less focused reader. Or a broader reader. I suppose it depends on your perspective.

    I pretty much read both Bel Canto and Prince of Thieves straight through in a few days but I did pick up and read bits of some of my other books like Godly Play and Sex au Naturel while I was reading them.

    Right now my main book is Of a Feather. I’m really having a hard time putting it down. And the fact that it’s a library book and that I have four more library books waiting to be read makes me want to get through it quickly. I’ve already got $5 in fines hanging over my head and two books that are overdue and can’t be checked out any more.