7 8 Quick Takes

7 8 Quick Takes




Tonight Ben had the best meal of solid food he’s had yet. I couldn’t believe how much he ate.

Just look at that smile! He’s super happy because I gave him the wet washcloth after I washed his hands and face.


Bella has never really been a very cuddly child. She tends to be a quick hugger and then run off to play. And she doesn’t often volunteer to hug me either. But this week she’s suddenly started showing me extra affection. Several times she’s popped up at my side in the middle of dinner just to give me a hug. And yesterday afternoon she walked up to my chair during naptime holding her blanket and a book and asked to cuddle with me. She climbed into my lap and sat reading her book while I finished saying my Office of Readings.

Today she again climbed into my lap during naptime and promptly fell asleep. I fell asleep too and we had a nice long snuggle until Ben woke up and I had to go get him. I felt so bad having to put Bella down on the couch. Especially since she woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.


Yesterday afternoon I spotted Sophie and Bella playing in the dining room. Sophie was sitting in a chair in front of the bookcase and Bella was standing in front of her, touching the spines of one book after another. Bella was evidently pretending to show Sophie some of their favorite You Tube videos.


I love the fact that both girls close the kitchen drawers with their feet… Just like their mama does.   


The other day Sophie and Ben were sitting on my lap in the chair while I was reading my email. She was eating an organic Cheerios knockoff. I looked down to see that she was also feeding them to him. Well, what could I do at that point, he’d already had a few. I declared it his new food of the day and hoped he didn’t have a wheat allergy. He was fine.


Yesterday I remembered too late that it was a feast day. I realized that I could have eaten one of Bella’s Junior Mints after all when I was trying not to drool while watching her eat them.

Then I remembered that there was some homemade vanilla ice cream in the freezer. So I was able to feast after all.


This afternoon Bella wore a pink ballet skirt and her black Mary Janes and told me she wanted me to play her some dancing music. I put on the Chieftans and she began singing and dancing. Joy! Sophie started singing and dancing too. Can I tell you how much I love my girls.


I just thought of one more quick take. This afternoon when I lit some candles on my prayer shelf to help me remember to pray for a special intention Bella stopped and sang out loudly: Jesus is the light of the world!

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