Breaking and Entering and Engagement Rings

Breaking and Entering and Engagement Rings


Five years ago today Dom knelt down on my kitchen floor and presented me with a diamond ring… after boosting me through my roommate’s small bedroom window.

We’d been engaged for a week or so; but we’d done things out of order and agreed on a wedding date before Dom gave me the ring. He had planned to give it to me after daily Mass, which we were in the habit of attending together at that time. But then I found myself locked out of my apartment and without my cell phone to boot. I had to walk down to the grocery store a few blocks away to call him on his cell phone (fortunately he hadn’t yet gone into the church and turned it off.)

My knight in shining armor came to my rescue and oh was I ever so grateful. I was embarrassed enough at my mistake; good thing I had no idea I was destroying his grand scheme in my ditzy forgetfulness.

Anyway, you can read Dom’s account of it:  the ring. (And isn’t it sweet that he has his google calendar set up to email him a reminder of this anniversary every year so we can once again relive the moment?)

Also I’m making a note to take it to get the diamond reset. I haven’t worn it for about a year because one of the prongs is loose and I don’t want to loose it.

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