About a Boy

About a Boy


Dear Jenn,

It still fits!


Five minutes after this photo was taken, Ben, who hadn’t messed his diaper in several days, had a massive poop explosion. He’d been sitting calmly, playing with his blocks. Then he toppled over and started to cry. No wonder, he was laying on a couple of the blocks. But when Theresa went to pick him up, she discovered another reason for the yelling. All over the living room carpet. And his pants and shirt. Fortunately there was just one tiny spot on the hem of the sweater vest.

My sister is my hero for patiently sponging the carpet while I cleaned up the boy.

Look at that sweet innocent face… he doesn’t look like a poop demon.

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  • eeeeeewwwww! I once found Bella eating ants.

    I once found Emily with brown dribble coming from her mouth and two cricket (at least I think/hope that they were cricket legs and not cockroach ) legs on her bib.!

    Another time she was watching a favourite TV programme and had lined up some snails from the garden, “they wanted to watch the programme too” .