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No More Monkeys…

We were singing No more monkey this morning. Then I stopped singing to go make lunch. Bella made up her own version. Bella’s version: (As transcribed by me. This is word for word) There was two little girls jumping on the table. Their mother told them not to; but they kept doing it. They both […]

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Looking on the Bright Side

The nice upside of the middle of the night leakage of the water filter last night (thank God I heard it dripping when I was up nursing Ben or it might have done some real damage overnight!) is that today we organized the coat closet. Everything was already out all over the living room. Only […]

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This Week in Pictures

Snuggling sisters. Bella and Sophie love to pretend to sleep on the couch. Bella would love Sophie to sleep in her bed with her at night too. Sophie thinks that’s a great idea… up until bedtime. Sophie sits in Bella’s lap. “She’s cuddling with me,” Bella says. Dolly is ready for an outing. I love […]

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Lois Ehlert

Uh-oh. Door’s left open, just a crack. My cat is out and he won’t come back! We discovered Lois Ehlert when librarian Miss E. read Feathers for Lunch at our library’s story time. It’s a simple little story about a cat who gets out and tries to eat the various backyard birds: He’s snooping and […]

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7 8 Quick Takes

—1— Tonight Ben had the best meal of solid food he’s had yet. I couldn’t believe how much he ate. Just look at that smile! He’s super happy because I gave him the wet washcloth after I washed his hands and face. —2— Bella has never really been a very cuddly child. She tends to […]

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Organization Fail

I just found the bag of 18-month clothing that I couldn’t find last fall. I thought I’d looked everywhere and was so frustrated. Eventually I pulled out some 2T stuff and Sophie sort of made do with a patchwork wardrobe of slightly too short pants and slightly too long shirts. Now I’ve found it. Tucked […]

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Childhood Treasures

If I had my way all the kid’s toys would be wooden or cloth and handmade. I’m just old-fashioned, I suppose. I probably spent too much time reading the Little House books and Anne of Green Gables. My imagination lives in a world before the invention of plastic. Of course, I’ve made the necessary compromises. […]

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A Day of Graces

On Sunday we finally got to meet my new niece, Zelie Marguerite. And we celebrated her reception into the church as she was baptized during the morning Mass at St Adelaide’s in Peabody. She is so beautiful. I am in love with those wide eyes and delicate features. She reminds me so much of my […]

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