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Picture Books: Library Picks

Hey, what a coincidence! I was just finishing up a post about our favorite books from the library this week, when I realized that Sarah at This Heavenly Life is hosting a What We Found at the Library meme. Perfect timing, Sarah. (By the way, doesn’t she have the sweetest girls? I love reading her […]

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Sleep Management

Lately I feel that I’m spending all my waking hours dealing with sleep management, trying to coordinate both nighttime sleep and naps for the three young people in my life. Oh I know that’s an exaggeration born of exhaustion and frustration. Nonetheless, I feel like I’m spending far too much time and energy on it. […]

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Praying with Children

While rummaging about in my archives I found this piece I wrote before Bella was born about praying the rosary with children. Interesting how my attitudes have not really shifted. I think I’d have written almost the same words today as I did then. praying with kids Ian at Musings from a Catholic Bookstore has […]

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Sitting Ben

Ben is getting quite good at sitting up. He can go for ten or fifteen minutes without falling over. And boy does he love it. He might be another child, like Sophia who never really rolls or crawls. He prefers being upright to being mobile.

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“The Whippers”

Bella came rushing into the living room, breathlessly telling this story. This isn’t word for word but I’ve tried to catch the flavor: The whippers came into my room and they were whipping Phia.  And they ran away into the yard. Then they just came back in to my bedroom. And the whippers came back […]

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Aw Wiss…

For months Sophie has been saying this… noise. It’s always said in the same way “Awwww wiss” chanted over and over and over again. She said it so often Bella picked it up and started chanting it too. I couldn’t figure out what it meant and neither girl could illuminate me. It’s been bugging me […]

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