Sick and Tired

I have lots and lots of pictures to post; but I have lost my camera. Life has been crazy with sick kids. The cold or whatever that we all caught in Texas lingered and lingered for Sophie and Ben in the form of runny noses and coughs. And Sophie just didn’t seem to get back to feeling 100%.

Theresa and I caught some sort of cold last week and I was fighting the phlegm. Not super sick but under the weather.

Then this weekend things came to a head and Sophie started to run a fever. Saturday she cried and whined all day. Sunday she was listless and slept a lot. Among all the whining she did say once that her ear hurt. I took her to the doctor today and sure enough when the doctor put the tip of the scope into her right ear she screamed. So yes it’s an ear infection and we’ve got amoxycillan.

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  1. Dorian Speed March 3, 2010 at 8:58 am #

    Your children are just beautiful, and I am glad you had some warm weather!

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